Why You Still Look Bad Even You Lost A Ton Of Weight

Did you know that there are newbies and some gym rats who are striving to look good despite losing weight? One of the most common reasons why people go to the gym is to get a good body shape. However, what some people don’t realize is they’re making themselves look worse even though they lost a lot of weight.

The first biggest mistake that most people do is they start a weight loss program that doesn’t match their body type. One great example is those so-called ‘skinny fat’ people. Literally, they look skinny and healthy inside having an average Body Mass Index, but inside of them was composed of low muscle mass and more than that of what the body typically requires. So one of the signs being a skinny fat person is when you have extra belly fat, then you belong to this category.

And by the time you’ve discovered that you became conscious about you gaining weight. You went through excessive dieting without consuming a proper amount of protein to maintain your muscle mass. This time, you might find yourself getting worse.

It’s always wise to remember that YOU CAN’T GAIN MUSCLE MASS AND LOSE WEIGHT AT THE SAME TIME. (unless you meet some criteria which we will discuss in another video). You have to undergo a correct process for you not to end up being super skinny, which is no longer suitable for you.

The second biggest mistake that most people do, especially those overweight ones, is the time they decide to go on a macro diet or caloric deficit. They lose a significant amount of weight. But the ugly part is you’re also losing your muscle mass because you’re not consuming enough protein. Make eating the right amount of proteins a habit, and this will save your body from getting worse. Keep in mind that it’s crucial for every diet program.

The minimum protein that you should intake is one (1) gram of protein per pound of your body weight. But not because you consume protein doesn’t mean you’ll gain a good physique. Make sure you do some weightlifting to meet your ideal muscle mass.

Therefore, for skinny fat people to get in good shape, they should do a muscle gain program first before engaging themselves to a weight loss program. And that means you have to deal with a caloric surplus — gaining weight and fats to gain muscle mass.

And by the time you found yourself getting fat again, your emotion will be most likely to interfere. You would think of going back into losing weight and get stuck in there without getting satisfying results. You’ll be forever trapped in lose weight, gain weight cycle. And that would be your saddest gym story ever.


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