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Our Coaches

Who is behind Xeniosfitness?

Meet Xenios Charalambous, Founder at Xeniosfitness.com and creator of the Spartan Coaching™ program. He coached A-List celebrities while he was in London, partnered with X-Factor, Google, Morgan Stanley, and Amazon to train their executives, and he has been through 2 years of training in the special forces. Most importantly, he specializes in designing sustainable fitness solutions to help busy individuals get fit and healthy.

Xenios Charalambous Founder at Xeniosfitness.com

Spartan Coaching™
Success Stories

Clients aren’t just satisfied. They have transformed their bodies, and their life changed forever.
“Our clients lose on average 7 lbs per month”. - Xenios

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Hamilton P.
South Carolina, USA
Abbas H.
Sierra Leone, South Africa
Tim S.
Oklahoma, USA
Nitin J.
Tennessee, USA
Martin D.
New York, USA
Alexander S.
Sydney, Australia

How Our Clients Look Like
Before Xeniosfitness

How our Clients Look Like before Xeniosfitness
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • High Cholesterol Levels
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Low energy Levels
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Low Sex Drive

How Our Clients Look Like
After Xeniosfitness

  • Enhanced Mental Performance
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • High Confidence
  • Balancing Cholesterol Levels
  • Improved Sleep
  • Stronger & Leaner
  • Reduced stress, depression & anxiety
  • Reduced Joint Pain
  • High Sex Drive
How our Clients Look Like After Xeniosfitness

This is a great fit for you if:

tired icon

You tried every single program
out there but nothing was
sustainable for you

lose weight icon

You need to lose over 30 lbs
of weight and sustain it
foods you enjoy.
(We don’t promote FAD diets
like KETO, Low Carbs/Sugar
or any Yo-Yo Diets)

pain icon

You have lower back pain,
knee pain, high cholesterol, high
blood pressure
or diabetes

eating disorders icon

You suffer from binge eating,
emotional eating
or depression

improve icon

You want to improve your
confidence, love yourself,
improve your sex life
start dating again if you’re single

looking icon

You’re sick and tired of how
you look and you’re ready
to take action
and change

Your Journey Without Xeniosfitness

Do this on your own and get confused, stuck in obstacles, waste time, waste energy, waste money on useless supplements and cookie-cutter programs, create more stress...

Long way to target

Your Journey With Xeniosfitness

Take the shortcut and invest in coaching to eliminate confusions, remove obstacles, save money, create a sustainable lifestyle, get healthy and reach your full potential

Right way to target

Introducing To You Our Solution
Spartan Coaching Program

Celebrity trainer Xenios Charalambous presents to you the world’s most results-oriented fitness program that helps people transform and empower themselves to be their best version physically and mentally. We do this by providing the most up-to-date scientifically proven methods with our latest technology.

Watch this Demo to understand what we provide

What Sets Us Apart



Tailored Meal Plan

Designed based on your schedule, your goal, and most importantly, to treat your health issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

Nutrion Plan



Train at Home or Gym

Designed based on what you can do, your goal, your injuries, and most importantly, to treat your lower back pain, knee pain, or shoulder issues.

Nutrion Plan



Holistic Learning Approach

With our program, we don’t just design the nutrition plan and the workout plan for you; however, we teach you the science and logic on how we designed your program, so you don’t need a personal trainer, nutritionist, or buy another program ever again in your life.

Nutrion Plan



One To One

We believe in real support with real human-to-human interaction. No bots, emails, or automated messages. We will keep you accountable by providing you with a world-class Dedicated Coach, 1:1 Chat Support, Weekly Q&A Calls, Community Support, and 1:1 Calls.

Nutrion Plan

Lifetime Duration

From our experience, transformations require time. Usually 6-12 months or more. With a lifetime membership, you don’t need to worry about payments or if the program is going to expire. You join our program, and you focus only on the results. We are the only program on the planet that provides a lifetime membership for a one-time investment.

Spartan Coaching Program Vs Competition

Here’s how we compare with other popular programs in the fitness industry:

What Our Clients Say About
The Spartan Coaching™ Program

How Dana (51 years old) went from 24% body fat down to 14% body fat within just 4 months with the Spartan Coaching program.

How Lewis (60 years old) went from 30.6% body fat down to 20.1% body fat within 3 months with the Spartan Coaching program.

How Peran (54 years old) went from 323 lbs down to 263 lbs within 7 months, lowered his cholesterol levels and treat his lower back pain with the Spartan Coaching program.

How Sergio (45 years old) treat his lower back pain, reduced cholesterol levels and fix his sleep apnea problem within 4 months with the Spartan Coaching program.


Advice From Our Clients If You’re
Still On The Fence

Frequently Asked Questions

Have specific questions or want to sign up? Read our FAQ below or book a call with us.

We have different levels programs which they offer different type of help and support. We have the Spartan Coaching: Entry, Starter, Premium Advanced and Elite.

Depending on what you need and the goals you’re looking to achieve, we assign to you the best possible match. That’s why we always request from you to get on a call with us so we can find out a little more about you, your life, your struggles and your goals. We will then work out the best level of support for you and assign you the right program. All our programs are extremely personal, in-depth where everything is tailored to you because we want you to not just get short-term results but sustainable results that you can genuinely continue with for the rest of your life.

Your investment is a short term payment for long term lifetime food freedom, knowledge, developing a love of exercise and changing your mindset.

Here are some of the benefits you will experience:

– Mental Transformation and Mood Improvement (excellent for people who suffer from Depression, this will happen in the first 60 days)
– Strength Increase (Will happen in the first 3 weeks)
– Lose your first 10 lbs (Will happen in the first 30 days – depends from person to person)
– Muscle mass gain (Will happen in the first 60 days – depends from person to person)
– Sleep Improvement (Will happen in the first 30 days)
– Improved energy levels ( Will happen in the first 30 days)
– Stress reduction (Will happen in the first 3 weeks)
– Balancing cholesterol levels and high blood pressure (Will happen within 3 months)
– Reducing or healing lower back pain and knee pain (Will happen within 3 months)

Our clients lose on average 7 lbs per month.

As you know everyone is different, has different body, conditions, schedule and goals. We will be more than happy to share with you more benefits you will experience in our initial consultation call.

Hundreds of our clients have gone through this journey. If they can do it, so can you.

Our programs is not a 30 days challenge. Is not a 12 weeks or 16 weeks program. We don’t charge you hourly like personal trainers or nutritionists and we don’t treat you like a number in our program. The Spartan Coaching Program is here for you for life. We take a one-time investment for a lifetime membership with no annual charges.

There are 2 reasons we offer a lifetime membership:

 1. Everyone is different and requires a different timeframe to achieve their goal. When we provide with a lifetime membership you don’t need to worry when you have to pay or when your program will expire. We are there for you until the end and we truly care about your results. That’s why we have so many testimonials which you can see here https:// www.xeniosfitenss.com/results

 2. You simply educate you! As our clients say “Xenios doesn’t just give you the fish, he teaches you how to catch the fish”. We believe that at some point you will be so advanced with fitness that you will no longer need us, so giving you a lifetime membership it’s our guarantee that this is the only program you will need in your life.

That’s exactly what we are looking for and what 90% of our clients are.

Our approach is fully personalised to your schedule, either you constantly travel, either you go to restaurants multiple times per week, either you have a family, kids and work 12 hours per day.

We design a program that is exactly for you, is sustainable and gets your results. We will be more than happy to talk with you regarding this in our consultation call.

Hundreds of our clients have gone through this journey. If they can do it, so can you.

Not at all! We provide 3 options to our clients in regards to the personalised workout program.

Option 1: If you want to train at home, you simply send us a picture of the equipment you have available and we will design the program based on that. If you don’t have any equipment we will design the program based on your bodyweight, some cheap resistance bands or even with your furniture at home.

Option 2: If you have a gym membership, we will ask you to send us the name of your gym, location of your gym and we will do our research on google to see exactly how your gym looks like so we design the workout program according to the equipment that is available to you.

Option 3: We can design something hybrid. Something that can combine home + gym membership if you want to avoid going to the gym.

If you are travelling, staying at hotels, moving to different cities and gyms all the time, or want to workout outdoors we can still adjust the plan to any situation that you want. The workout plans are designed to your lifestyle and needs.

If you watch the interviews at our results page on www.xeniosfitness.com/results you will read many success stories where our clients did not go to the gym and worked out at home or throughout their extensive travels.

No, there is no prior training experience required. It does not matter if you have never done resistance training before or even exercised before; we cater for all different levels of experience and will develop a plan that is suitable for your needs.

If you never done any exercises before our Xeniosfitenss app will help you as it shows you exactly videos step-by-step how to do the exercises so you have the right form, technique and also get educated on what each exercise is targeting.

This is what makes us different. We work hard to tailor everything we do with you to your unique lifestyle, goals and personal challenges.

The Xeniosfitness app has full video explanations and written instructions on how to perform each exercise in your programme. We will tell you what muscle groups you’re targeting so you know what you need to focus on. We also ask you to provide us with videos of yourself performing any exercises you are unsure about so we can offer feedback and advice on how to correct your form and get the most out of the exercise.

Yes, we currently have four different programs. The Spartan Coaching Entry, Starter, Premium Advanced and Elite.

On the call we will have we will help you to make the right choice for you, discuss the duration, adjustments that you might need for the option you will choose and the investment.

On the table below you can see the differences:


Most of our clients due to being overweight they are experiencing these issues however this is very dependent on how big is the pain you’re experiencing, your current treatment plan, medications you’re taking and your goals.

Our programs are fully personalised so if you tell us that you’ve got any of the issues mentioned we will design the program in a way that is going to help you to reduce this pains or even heal them.

This will be discussed in our initial call, and we will be able to assess whether we can approve you for the Spartan Coaching program and the approach we will take our your condition.

Most of our clients due to being overweight (exclusions can apply) they are experiencing these health issues. Before the official start of the Spartan Coaching program we will ask you to send us a recent health check you’ve done so we can develop a plan that is going to balance your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. On our initial call we will dive deep in the problem and we will be able to tell you the actions we will take to solve these issues.

Most of our clients due to being overweight (exclusions can apply) they suffer from diabetes.

Our coaches specialise on helping people with diabetes. We will design the plan for you in a way that your A1C levels will be reduced and for you to understand more how your blood sugar numbers work. Our goal is to make sure you control diabetes and I can confidently tell you that we had clients that managed to reverse it. Obviously it depends at which stage of diabetes you’re and what type of diabetes you have.

On our initial call we will dive deep in the problem and we will be able to tell you the actions we will take to solve these issues.

Yes, you must be aged 25 years or over to qualify for any of our Spartan Coaching programs. 

You can pay with any debit or credit card. The payment methods are VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, American Express, through our 3rd party secure payment gateway provider – Stripe.

We also accept Bank Transfer from USA clients only.

You can also break down the one-time investment in 4 monthly payments. Applies only to the Spartan Coaching™ Premium Advanced & Elite.

90 days Guarantee

Action Based Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will transform your body, heal your lower back pain or knee pain, reduce cholesterol levels or high blood pressure, get fit & healthy, feel amazing, improve your confidence so much that we have a downright cocky 90-days action-based refund guarantee. You have nothing to lose apart from weight.

Are you tired of information, and want transformation?