How Dana Lost 25 lbs Within 4 Months

Dana is originally from the USA, he is 51 years old and runs a successful automotive business. He decided to join the Spartan Coaching program to get ripped.

Before joining the program he tried multiple methods to achieve his goal like bodybuilding programs, workouts from the internet, diets from friends and other online methods without any success. He weight before joining the Spartan Coaching program was 173 lbs.

Our main struggle with Dana was to design a solution that will allow him to enjoy the process and also allow him to have high energy levels in order to run smoothly his business. After 4 months in the program we managed to get ripped at 155 lbs.

This is his advice for anyone still not in our Spartan Coaching program:

“Xenios program is different than anything I ever tried before. I am 51 years old and this is the best thing I ever tried. It is a different approach from all other programs and he is educating us in a way that we can do it in our own way. Give it a try, for me and my wife it worked perfectly.”


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