How Nitin Lost His Belly Within 6 Months

Nitin is coming from India and he is living in Minnesota, USA for the past 3 years and he is working at an IT job. He joined the Spartan Coaching program mainly to lose his belly fat.

Before he joined the program Nitin had a 1-1 personal trainer which he wasn’t happy about the results he was getting as he wasn’t getting proper education on nutrition. He also wasn’t sure if the Spartan Coaching program it’s going to work for him as he is very busy with work, raising his family and his eating habits are quite different due to his ethnicity. He prefers foods like khichdi, rice, biryani, dal, roti, chapati, and bhajiya.

We started his journey at around 177 lbs and 26% body fat and within 6 months we managed to get down to 154 lbs and 11% body fat.

This is his advice for anyone still not in our Spartan Coaching program:

“Before joining the Spartan Coaching program I was looking at the testimonials, before and after picture, and I was thinking that this can’t be real. Right now I can’t believe that I am a part of the testimonials. Really grateful about the results and knowledge I got, and I encourage everyone to take action and become a member of our family at the Spartan Coaching program.”


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