Why You Should NEVER Start KETO If You Want To Lose Weight

The problem with dieting if once you stop your diet, you immediately lose all the progress you made no matter how hard you worked while on the diet. Then, once all the weight has been added back it is much harder to lose again.

The keto diet has been the trending diet over the past two years and is currently a hot diet many people are trying. When inexperienced people trying a diet hear about this hot diet and see people who have gotten results using it, they are tempted to try it and believe it will work for them. In reality, the keto diet is not sustainable and at best is a tool to get short term results which you will not keep.

On a keto diet, your body goes into ketosis mode as you cut out carbs from your diet, and eat lots of fats and proteins. The body then takes energy from fat instead of glycogen, so you lose fat and weight.

For all of the focus on the keto diets lack of carbohydrates and high-fat content, the reason it works for some people is simply because of eating at a caloric deficit. By not being able to eat carbs, you naturally eat less and are eating at a caloric deficit, which is ultimately what leads to weight loss. Therefore, it is not specifically giving up carbs which lead to weight loss, rather the overall lack of calories.

The reason keto diets don’t work is you cannot do a keto diet forever, because it is not enjoyable. When a diet is not enjoyable, it is impossible to do long term. By cutting out all kinds of carbs like bread and pasta, it is a very difficult diet and not sustainable at all.

Another reason keto diets are hard to follow is with travelling and eating out at restaurants, it is very hard to follow keto. When you go to a restaurant, it is very difficult to find options which contain no carbs. In addition, even if you find an option without carbs you will probably be eating the same thing every time you go out, which will get old quickly.

In any diet, discipline is key, and you need an immense amount of discipline to follow a keto diet for sixth months, let alone years. And when you go off of the diet, because you can no longer go without carbs, you will gain all the weight you lost back.

In conclusion, to have a diet which works it needs to be enjoyable and sustainable. Eliminating carbs from your diet is neither of these, which is why keto diets ultimately do not work. The same people who are on a keto diet today will be trying the next trending diet as soon as it comes to light. Therefore, instead of trying to use keto diets as a temporary solution, you should try to find a diet which allows you to eat the foods you enjoy and that you can continue over the long term to see the sustained results you want. This video describes in more detail why keto diets are not the answer to losing weight, and why they should be avoided.

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