Why Weight Scales At The Gym SUCK

Quick question: Should you trust weighing scales at the gym? Maybe you might not know, but gym weight scales are lying to you.

If you decide to go to a gym and start your weight loss journey, it is imperative that you weigh your body so you would know how much fat you need to strip from you. And most probably, you will use the weighing scales available at the gym.

There’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, it can tell you your accurate weight as you step on it. However, what is wrong is your chance of getting a false interpretation of the numbers it gives you. Now, maybe you ask: Hey, I know how to read numbers, is there really such thing as a misinterpretation of the weight?

Yes, there is. Because the moment you stepped on the weighing scale after days training, it might not be your actual weight. Let me explain it further.

First, gym-goers sometimes don’t train in the morning. Sometimes they do it the afternoon, in the evening, or whenever they feel like starting to workout for a particular day for the sake of not skipping a day of training. These people have TIMING ISSUES. And sometimes people train with an empty stomach while others are full. These factors may affect the accuracy of weighing scales.

Second, some people don’t weigh themselves every day. Yes, they may use the same weight scale, but they’re just using it whenever they remember. The only way to find out whether you lose weight is to WEIGH YOURSELF EVERY DAY and calculate the weekly average weight you lost.

It’s wise to remember that being on a weight loss journey doesn’t mean you’re losing weight on a consistent period of time. You will lose and gain weight every day. There will be ups and downs on this journey.

But again, this doesn’t mean you’re journey isn’t successful. That’s why I advise you to CALCULATE THE WEEKLY AVERAGE WEIGHT YOU LOST, and not the difference from yesterday’s weigh scale results.

The worst-case that may happen to you when you started your weight loss training is instead of losing weight, you’ll gain weight even if you followed your diet and training correctly. It’s ironic, and it can make you go crazy.

But, I find it CRUCIAL TO DISCUSS THIS MATTER as looking at wrong weight numbers, you might think you’re on the wrong program, and it will affect your emotions.

And if you don’t have a good EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, this may destroy you and the entire weight loss journey.

So stay smart, fit, and healthy!


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