Why Listening To Your Emotions Is Not A Good Idea When It Comes To Weight Loss

If you are on a diet, and you are doing everything perfectly with your diet and training, but some days your weight goes up, it is important to not be worried or give up. Some people listen to their emotions when their weight spikes, and try to switch their diet even if the plan may have been working in the past.

A key part of dieting is measuring everything you eat, so you know exactly how much you are eating in a day. On a diet, data is key, and it is crucial to know how many calories you are eating compared to the calories you are burning. By measuring everything you eat, you know exactly how many calories you are consuming which makes it easy to track the data.

The most important part of a diet is the calories you are burning versus the calories you are consuming. Having more calories burned than calories consumed is how you lose weight, but some days you may still gain weight. When this happens, it is important to not listen to your emotions, but instead, you have to understand that your weight fluctuates, and it is physically impossible to lose weight every day.

Because you can’t lose weight every day, it is important to weigh yourself every day, not just once a week. To track your weight loss progress, you need a weekly average of your weight, not just one day of your weight. By adding up your weight for every day throughout the week and dividing by 7, you get the weekly average of your weight. This is the number you should be evaluating, as it gives a better idea of your progress and helps you to focus on the long term \results of your diet rather than going day by day and getting emotional about every little fluctuation in your weight.

In the end, when losing weight, listening to your emotions can be detrimental for your weight loss. Instead of listening to emotions, you should listen to the data, which are numbers which can be tracked and are proven to give you the results you want. Therefore, when making decisions about your diet, try to look at data points such as the weekly average of your weight, rather than making an emotional decision based on a one-day fluctuation in weight.

In conclusion, most people give up on their diet because of emotional decisions based on one single day. The key to diets is relying on the data of your progress, and not emotional decisions. You need to realize your weight will fluctuate, and even if you are making tremendous progress in your diet, there will be days where your weight increases, because it is physically impossible to lose weight every single day. This video goes into further detail about why it is a big mistake to listen to your emotions on a diet, and how you can use data to properly evaluate your progress and get the results you want.

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