Why I Stopped My 1-to-1 Personal Training Service in London and Shifted Everything Online

Shocking news… but I knew it was coming. After years of running one of the most successful personal training services in London, Kings Cross area, I decided to stop it and shift everything online. And here’s why online personal training is 10x better than one-to-one personal training.

Going to a gym or having access to an in-person trainer often feels like an attractive option. It gives you access to high-quality fitness equipment but also instructions that can help you get in the shape of your life really fast. But everything comes with a few problems… What I noticed after training hundreds of people in person is that when the clients stopped coming to the sessions, they didn’t have the motivation to continue to do it themselves. They always needed someone to “watch them” doing the workouts. Therefore they gave up with their fitness journey. Another problem I noticed was that clients who used to travel a lot were putting their training on-hold because they didn’t want to train during their trip. Some of them even offered me to fly with them on their trip so I can train them, but this couldn’t happen because I would have to leave the other clients behind.

Furthermore, another problem I had with very busy individuals was timetable problems. Some of them were constantly changing their training sessions time due to work commitments, as a result, they were losing those sessions because I couldn’t find a replacing slot.  I was fully booked with clients from the morning until the evening + 1-hour slot for my own training. Let’s also don’t forget to mention that having a personal trainer is financially unstainable due to the high cost.

Those are the main reasons why having a one-to-one personal trainer is actually a bad idea and those who did go through this experience feel 100% the pain. What I do right now with my students (they are not clients anymore) is teach them online how to do it themselves without having to be depended for their results on a coach, nutritionist or a personal trainer. Remember, you don’t need someone in the gym showing you the exercises to achieve your fitness goals, what you need is a sustainable fitness plan and proper guidance that will guide you to do it your own and keep your results for life.

Let me introduce you to online personal training and more specifically to my Spartan Coaching program.


It’s not only convenient, but also effective, and most importantly, sustainable. Having been a celebrity personal trainer for quite some time, and having worked with some of the most influential people in central London. I can confidently say that online personal training brings about greater fitness gains than in-person training. That’s the reason why I shifted to being a purely online personal trainer, which not only works to the advantage of my students but for me as their trainer.

Before we jump right into details of personal training, here are some disturbing statistics about fitness and physical activity. Less than 5% of people participate in the recommended daily 30 minutes of physical activity. Moreover, obesity is on the rise among children, adolescents, and adults as well. If you intend to avoid being part of these statistics, you better start getting physically active.


Why Do People Struggle to Adopt Exercise Habits?


Being one of London’s best personal trainers for quite some time now. I can confidently say that it is nearly impossible to establish lasting exercise and eating habits if the program is not enjoyable, flexible, and sustainable. Most importantly the program has to make sense for you in order to be effective and convenient to your schedule. One more element that needs to be added into this mix is some positive accountability and mental reprogramming. When it comes to following a fitness program, having the right mindset and a program that focuses on helping and fixing your mindset, is a huge thing. Anyone can tell you to eat less and exercise more, that’s how you lose weight. Although why does obesity rises every single year? The answer is simple…Mindset Issue.

This seems like a lot to deal with. Worry not though; this is the reason why am here to help you achieve your fitness goals through the following sustainable blueprint:


1. Enjoyability: The problem with most programs out there is that they are super restrictive and extremely hard to follow. You cut out your favourite foods, you’re on super low calories or you’re doing extreme workouts at the gym which they are not for you.  The main goal is to design something that you can enjoy because consistency beats perfection.

2. Flexibility: I don’t know any program out there that allows you to enjoy foods from your favourite restaurants or a program that teaches you what to do when you travel. This is a flexibility issue and also social events that every person has. With my Spartan Coaching program we teach people exactly what to do when they are travelling or how to enjoy amazing foods in restaurants and still lose weight.

3. Mental Reprogramming: As mentioned above, you can have the best workout program or nutrition plan in the world, but if you don’t rewire your brain to execute the program then you will never see results. Another issue is when people start the program and they are too emotional with their results. For example, they might start their weight loss journey, got some good results in the first 2 weeks but then suddenly they feel that everything goes wrong because they don’t see the changes. What we do in the Spartan Coaching program is always analyse the data. Data over emotions. Never take decisions without looking at the data.

4. Sustainability: Most people out there they are stuck in the “Lose Weight – Gain Weight” cycle. That’s because they follow a program for a few weeks, get some good results but then suddenly they stop. That’s because the program does not focus on the 3 elements I just mentioned. (Enjoyability, Flexibility and Mental Reprogramming). So this brings me to the last point which is sustainability. The program has to be sustainable. The one and only question that you need to ask yourself is “Can I follow this program for the rest of my life?”. If the answer is yes then we have the perfect program for you. If the answer is “NO”, then we need to go back, see what we did wrong and do the appropriate adjustments to ensure that the program is sustainable.

sustainable program core principles

These are the main core principles of a sustainable program although, I learned these the hard way. I was confused by magazines, websites and what “others” were doing. I spent years of guessing, trying different methods but I couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong. I never gave up. It took me 10+ years to transform my body after so many mistakes, so many diet methods and so many training programs. I gained momentum and the “right” knowledge. Now I’ve stripped my 10+ years of experience down to a science, and I’ve implemented this formula into hundreds of client’s lives and its success rate is better than anything I could’ve ever imagined. The beauty of it is that I walk with you throughout this journey to help you make the right fitness decisions.


How Does My Online Spartan Coaching Work?


To jump right into it; the Spartan Coaching program is designed to help you escape the “Lose weight – Gain weight” cycle with our sustainable weight loss system. We only focus on helping busy professionals that have serious health issues transform their body. The only people who we accept in the spartan coaching program is people who need to lose over 30lbs of weight, they have knee problems, lower back problems, they have high cholesterol levels, diabetes or they are depressed. These are the only people we accept in our program.

Here’s how our Spartan Coaching program work:

1. Watch The Free 60 mins Masterclass

We require all our potential students to watch the 60 mins free masterclass at https://www.xeniosfitness.com/masterclass. The masterclass purpose is to show you how to transform your body, empower your health & confidence, boost your energy, rewire your mindset, optimise your sleep, enjoy amazing foods — and sustain your results. You will also get a better understanding of how to make your program sustainable.

free masterclass training

2. Initial Consultation

People who watch the full 60mins masterclass will get the opportunity to schedule a free consultation session with us to see if and how we can help them achieve their fitness goals. The Spartan Coaching program is not something that everyone can join. We like to get to know our students beforehand to ensure that the program is for them and we can 100% help them.

Here’s what will happen on the initial consultation call:

1. We’ll dive deep, go back in time and discover exactly why you’re still not at the best shape of your life.

2. We’ll set realistic goals and determine where you need to go (how much weight you need to lose, how your life is going to be after the transformation, how we can guarantee your results by designing something that is for YOU and not someone else…)

3. We’ll talk about timeframes, and how long it will take you to reach your goals. I will be 100% honest with you even if you don’t like what you will hear.

4. Most importantly, you’ll get crystal clear solution on what’s possible, how to get there, and how to stay in great shape for life.

5. Lastly, if we believe you’re a good fit for our Spartan Coaching program then we will provide you with more information about how it works and the financial commitment, if not, we will refer you to someone else to ensure you get help.

consultation call

3. Enrol in the Spartan Coaching Program

If the initial consultation goes well and we decided that you’re a good fit for the spartan coaching program then that’s where everything begins. The Spartan Coaching program is a one-time investment program and lasts for a lifetime. That means there’s no expiration day on how long you will be the program. The reason we don’t do a 12 Week or 16 Week or X Week Program anymore is because we know that transformations take time. Usually, what we noticed from our student results is that good transformations take between 6 months and 1 year, sometimes even more or less. The good news is that our students are in the program for a lifetime, so even if you have transformed your body in 2 years, you’re still in the program to take your results to a whole new level. We are also super confident that at some point you will be in a position to do everything on your own because we teach you everything you need to know.

4. How we design the perfect sustainable program for you

We actually don’t design any programs for our students and here’s why. After training hundred’s of students I noticed one huge problem. Students never understood the logic behind their nutrition plan or workout program, as a result, they were depended fully on their coach, nutritionist or personal trainer. In the Spartan Coaching program we decided to do something that has never been done before by any other fitness program on the planet. We simply teach our students how to design their workout program, their nutrition plan themselves using our proven sustainable templates. Our students are responsible for designing their own program and do the appropriate adjustments every single week if needed. Our mission as coaches we want to ensure that the plan our students create for themselves is correct. After I stopped creating “done-for-you” programs for our students I noticed that students were getting better results and also didn’t have to be depended on a coach, nutritionist or a personal trainer for the rest of their life. They started becoming their own self-pro coaches. Most of our clients are over 35+ years old and they have families. They were able to transfer this knowledge to their family as well which this is super cool to see. Healthy and happy family!

Spartan Coaching Course

5. Do the work

Once our students finish with the creation of their fitness program and is also approved by one of the spartan coaching coaches, it is now time for them to put in the work. In the Spartan Coaching, we have developed our own mobile application and software that is super easy to use and follow by our students. In our app, you will be able to see your workout program with exercise video demonstrations for all exercises, log your nutrition and also have great options to track your stats including detailed reports about your progress. You might find yourself taking the before and after pictures soon enough which might keep you motivated. The task of our students is to simply do the daily work that we set for them and also pass the monthly assessments which we will prepare you with our 8 weeks education course. The course focuses on helping you understand the main and advanced principles of nutrition, exercise and mindset and also teach you about sleep, productivity and how to be lasered focus.

spartan coaching software dashboard

Spartan Coaching Mobile Application

6. Ridiculous Support and Accountability

One of the most important assets of the Spartan Coaching program is the ridiculous support we offer to our students. We connect all our students together via a Facebook group and everyone posts their progress or questions they have about the program. Students have given us feedback that meeting other students who go through the same journey as them, made the whole program more encouraging and enjoyable.

The best part and a requirement for the Spartan Coaching students is to attend the weekly live calls. Every single week, twice per week we do group live calls where students have the opportunity to ask questions about their program, get feedback about their progress and also do the appropriate adjustments on their programs. Apart from that, the purpose of the live calls is to give further education to our students in regards to the latest studies about nutrition, training and to provide them with a mindset training.


Is The Spartan Coaching Program (online personal training) Right for Me?


If you meet our requirements which we mentioned above and also the following characteristics describe you, then is about time you consider doing the shift.

You have a busy schedule: If you have a packed schedule and barely have time, having a personal trainer is a huge pain. Imagine a busy person that has to set appointments with a trainer? Believe me, it just doesn’t work. Even worst, if the trainer constantly cancels your sessions or the other way around.

• Poor progress: The biggest issue with personal trainers is that they focus on the workouts only. The sad truth is that 20% of your results will come from exercising and 80% of your results will come from what you eat. In the spartan coaching program, we will teach you exactly how to do both (and even more) and most importantly sustain your results for life.

You travel a lot: If you are always on the move, constantly travelling due to work commitments or general trips, having a personal trainer is out of the question. With the Spartan Coaching program you don’t need to worry about that, as you have access anytime and from anywhere in the world. We also teach you what to do in these situations. (e.g. when you go to restaurants or when you travel)

• If you are a complete beginner: If you want to start your transformation but you have never stepped your foot in the gym then we got your back. With the Spartan Coaching program you will know exactly what to do at the gym, how to do the exercises, how to make everything efficient and effective. This is something I wished I had when I started my journey in 2008. I would have seen amazing results in just 1 year rather than in 5 years.


Is The Spartan Coaching Program (online personal training) Worth The Investment?


Our major focus is to help you find the best way to reach your fitness goals and sustain your results; whether to achieve pleasing muscle shape and definition or to have significantly lowered body fat and be more healthy then the Spartan Coaching does the work. Considering the effectiveness, convenience and results from our students, I can confidently say that we created one of the most premium, innovating and results-oriented fitness program on the planet. If you’re a person that you value your health the investment is worth it.


Final note:


There are no fads, gimmicks or magic pills for you to transform your body, – just scientifically proven and tested methods coupled with your commitment and hard work. Our mission is NOT just to teach you about nutrition/training and mindset. Our real mission is to get you from your current X weight to your desired X weight and stay there for life, and that’s why we are currently the best in the world when it comes to that. We are a results-oriented company rather than giving you a bunch of information and then leave you on your own to figure it out. (sad truth, but this is what happens with other fitness programmes and that’s why they suck)

If you’re looking for lifetime long-term healthy results, and you’re sick and tired of information AND want transformation then I am inviting you to the first step of your transformation which is to watch our free masterclass.


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