Why Being In The WRONG Relationship Will Not Help You With Weight Loss

Love a person who will push you to be a better, if not the best version of yourself. Otherwise, your lover will surely leave you eventually because you’re no longer giving importance to yourself. Your lack of discipline in your body and appearance can give you low self-esteem, and it will soon affect every aspect of your life — work, financial, freedom, and most especially your mindset. And you don’t want that to happen.

Tonight’s video is not made to condemn people who really can love people just the way they are. There are indeed such people exist in this world, no matter what they look like, whatever they stand on social status. Hats off to them for they can love and live with a person who may not be an ideal partner for many, but can be a special partner them.

However, we especially want to share some of the implications with the mindset who can accept a person who’s no longer growing financially, physically, and mentally. The chances are, it won’t be healthy in the long run for your relationship.

So first thing why being in the wrong relationship will not help you in your weight loss is because of the big reason of:

1) ACCEPTANCE. Your partner accepts your current body built that may be skinny fat, super thin, or overweight, but because you trust her, you believe in her words. However, the reality is there’s always a better person out there. And there’s always a chance that love may fade — that your lover may fall out of love and may fall in love for someone with better looks than you. Admit it or not, we get attracted by the looks. It’s such a fool to reason out that we love someone without knowing and seeing that person.

2) OVER SELF-CONFIDENCE. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to be so complacent. You could think that you don’t have to work out anymore since, like what I said above, your partner loves you just the way you are. So from there, you’re no longer thinking of having a good physique. You could have sex with your partner every night; you could have the love you need — you become over self-confident without thinking the future. This circumstance does happen and could happen to you as well.

Let’s say for instance you’re not yet in a relationship and you’re overweight, the chance you’ll get a quality partner is so slim. I mean if you’re overweight and you’re looking for a sexy man or a woman (needless to say your ideal partner loves to be fit), well, obviously, it will be a robust search and match. Let’s don’t deny it, good looks attract.

So if you love being fit and always in good shape, and suddenly found a partner who doesn’t love you to get better physically, you might be in a wrong relationship. Think twice. A person who knows how to discipline oneself is a person who knows how to be disciplined in life. That means your partner should be fortunate with a person like you. And if you’re not being appreciated for loving a healthy life and fitness, then you’re definitely in a wrong relationship. It isn’t helpful.


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