When Should You Start Your Transformation (NEVER)

Sometimes people like to wait for the perfect time for what they want to do until they realized it’s too late to do it anymore. Emotions and tons of excuses — these could hold you back from starting your body transformation.

Some people have tons of excuses to start their body fitness journey. This is wrong because it only portrays that you’re not determined enough to make yourself better than today.

Most of the time, your mind and emotions are battling against your will to workout. Maybe you think that if you start today, you will just pause it the next day or the next week, so why bother to start it? It’s a wrong mindset.

Another inner-self problem that some people have is being perfectionists. They want the best coach, the best program, and nutrition plan before they start to commit to a program, but they end up in the searching process. Sometimes, you just have to take a risk to know if something will work along the way.

One great reason to commence your training is when your health is already at risk. If you’re getting overweight or having high-sugar and cholesterol levels, and other illnesses, then it’s high time to make yourself better by doing a regular exercise.

If you want to transform your body for a better appearance, note that it won’t happen overnight. So, what you really need is discipline to control the foods you eat, and determination to be consistent in following your program.

Keep in mind that when you’re on and off in your workout, it will never be helpful in your fitness journey. And if until today you’re thinking about perfection in this process, stop it and start working on some simple steps to achieve your dream health and fitness.


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