What Causes You To Jump From Program to Program If You Want To Lose Weight

Many people who are trying to lose weight end up jumping from program to program, trying to find the program which helps them instantly see results. People try keto, Atkins, paleo, and intermittent fasting looking to see results right away from each of them. I’ll explain the reason people jump to all of these different diets, and why this is not a good strategy for your diet.

The main reason people jump from program to program is they don’t see the results they want, so they quit the program to try a different one which they have seen work for others. These people let their emotions kick in, and think the program doesn’t work just because they have not seen immediate results. As much as you want your progress to be instant, and want to have an instant reward for your efforts, this is not how many diets work.

The truth is any diet which is sustainable will take time to see results. But, because you are on a plan you can follow long term, you will be able to keep these results rather than seeing faster short term results, only to lose the progress you made once you can no longer follow the extreme program.

When on a diet, you have to realize that patience is key, and every program can work, as long as you are dedicated to it and can sustain it for the long term. To stay on a program for the long term, you need to make sure the program is tailored to you. The key to sustaining a diet is enjoying the program. If you are trying to sustain a diet which does not allow you to eat any of your favourite foods, or does not allow you to eat out and enjoy yourself, you are never going to be able to stay on that diet over the long term.

Scientists say it takes 10 consecutive days for you to see any results. And this is just for minimal results, so to see extreme progress it will take much longer no matter what type of program you are on.

Therefore, the key to a successful program is to find a program that fits your lifestyle, so you can follow it every day and be consistent. This means the program needs to be flexible to accommodate eating out or eating the foods you enjoy. If you have a plan which allows for these things, you will be able to follow it and you will be able to sustain it over the long term, which is going to allow you to stay on it long enough to see results.

In conclusion, the two biggest reasons people jump from program to program when trying to lose weight is they are not patient or the program is not tailored for their situation. Both of these issues can be fixed by finding a program which is enjoyable. In the video, I discuss these two reasons in more detail and explain how to avoid jumping programs to see lasting results in weight loss.


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