Wanna Lose Weight? Don’t hire a personal trainer! Here’s why!

If you are trying to lose weight, hiring a personal trainer is not how you are going to do it. Although personal trainers can be helpful, if your ultimate goal is sustainable weight loss they are not going to help you in the long run. Personal trainers goal is not weight loss, and even the best trainers will not be able to make you lose weight.

There are two big flaws with hiring a personal trainer to help you lose weight. The first reason is these personal trainers only focus on workouts, and workouts are not the biggest part of losing weight. 80% of your weight loss results come from the foods you are eating, compared to only 20% from your workouts. Therefore, hiring a trainer won’t solve your weight loss problem because you are only addressing 20% of the issue. Even if your trainer gives you incredible workouts, if you are not correcting your diet you are not going to see any progress in your weight loss goal.

Even if they do give you a diet plan, it usually is a piece of paper which outlines every single thing for you to eat. This is not a sustainable practice, and there are not many people who can follow a piece of paper for the rest of their life. It is better to design your own program where you select the foods, as it is more flexible and can be sustained over a long period of time. Following a piece of a paper diet which is prescribed to you may work short term, but in the long term, it is impracticable.

The second problem is when you hire a personal trainer, you rely on your trainer to help you reach your goals. After you stop your personal training sessions, you are no longer going to be motivated to go to the gym on your own. After having a personal trainer going with you and forcing you to go, the transition to going alone is very difficult and many people end up ending their gym routine altogether. In addition, it is very expensive to hire a trainer to go with you to the gym for every training session, and going on your own can provide you with the same results but without the high cost of a personal trainer.

If you learn to get into a gym routine on your own, your workouts will be much more flexible and sustainable. Instead of having to plan your workouts around the schedule of a trainer, you can plan them around your own schedule and begin to develop a better routine for yourself. This will lead to long term sustainability, and you will be able to stick to this routine over the course of your plan.

In conclusion, the two big reasons you should not hire a trainer to help with weight loss are their focus on the workout side and your reliance on the trainer. By not having a trainer, you can focus equally on your diet and workouts, and also not be reliant on anyone for your goals. By not relying on anyone else and being responsible for your goals, you will ultimately have a much better prospect of succeeding in your diet than you would with a trainer. This video goes into greater detail about the pitfalls of hiring a trainer, and why they will not be able to really help you with weight loss.


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