Top 5 Beginner Gym Mistakes I Wish I Didn’t Do! (WASTED 5 YEARS)

Everyone starts as a newbie and being engaged in my chosen field where I’ve spent over 10 years of gym training, I witnessed (and I even experienced it) a lot of gym mistakes that most beginners tend to do in their primary phase of workouts.

The first mistake, NO SPECIFIC WORKOUT PROGRAM. Most newbies go to the gym without enough knowledge on how to do a proper workout, no coach, and don’t even have a right plan on what they would like to achieve with their body.

The second mistake, EGO LIFTING. Many gym-goers do this most of the time, especially whenever they’re with friends, or someone they know is watching them. They try to lift heavier than usual weights or exerting obvious efforts to stand out from the crowd. If you act like this, it won’t help you in the long run. You have to follow some processes.

The third mistake, DOING A BRO-SPLIT PROGRAM. In my opinion, it’s a huge waste of time. On this program, you’ll be training one muscle group per week, which isn’t the best program for lifters. If you don’t have a good workout program, learn to educate yourself on the right volume, intensity, and frequency that you should do on your workouts that match on your condition.

The fourth mistake, WRONG FORM AND TECHNIQUE. I’ve already seen a lot of failures that happened inside the gym. Most of them were injuries like muscle pull and strain, tendinitis, shin splint, bone dislocation, etc. You don’t want that to happen to you, so make sure that you’ve learned the proper form and technique for your workout.

The fifth mistake, HAVING POOR NUTRITION. Diet should be considered in your training. Consuming the right amount of calories and macros will help you achieve the body transformation you want. If you don’t consider dieting the right way, you’ll soon find yourself getting tired of training without seeing satisfying results.

Therefore, if you want to succeed in your gym journey, then you must learn to discipline yourself. Discipline and determination will save you and will help you avoid the mistakes I’ve mentioned above. If you realize you can’t do everything alone, don’t forget to get a mentor, and everything will be fine for you.


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