The 3 Biggest Mistakes to Lose Weight (AVOID THESE!)

If until now you’re still hoping that one day, you’ll get slim without sweating and exerting effort, I’m sure you’ll never lose weight. There are indeed a lot of ways to get in shape, but there are also lots of false things out there that for sure, you still believe can help you lose weight. Wrong!

Today, I’ll be discussing the three (3) biggest mistakes of losing weight. Hope it can save you from false hopes!

So, the first biggest mistake that most people do is the MISINTERPRETATION OF LOGIC behind a diet or a program. People nowadays tend to rely on the information they get on the internet, such as Google and YouTube. For sure, they’ll get a ton of info on how to lose weight or build muscle mass or whatever they want to know.

For instance, you searched for losing weight through a keto diet. This keto diet can help in losing weight, but because the keto diet is primarily used to treat hard-to-control body disorder, it may not be suitable for you. But because you notice this trend of losing weight, you decide to do it as well. You may get satisfying results at first, but in the long run, you’re mind and body will realize that you need a balanced macros to achieve your desired health and body appearance. Avoid this mistake and be more vigilant.

The second biggest mistake is RELYING ON FALSE PROMISE OF FAT BURNING SUPPLEMENTS. Some supplements are effective, but most of them are not. You shouldn’t hope that taking these pills for weeks, months, or years will automatically make you slim. No. You should exert efforts through regular exercise, weightlifting, cardio activities, and the likes.

You can’t lose weight by intaking fat burning pills without sweating, but you can lose weight by sweating without intaking fat burning pills.

And lastly, GOING TO GYM CAN’T STRIP YOUR FATS AND BUILD YOU MUSCLE MASS. You have to do something better with your diet. Keep in mind that 80% of your body results come from what you eat, and 20% comes from your activities.

These are not the only weight loss mistakes that you will encounter during your weight loss journey. But your determination to get a fantastic body transformation will surely get you to the right coach, proper diet, and amazing results.


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