Supplements Are A Total GARBAGE! Leaked Video From the Spartan Coaching Mastermind Program!

If you’re one of those people who rely on sports performance supplements for the success of your weight loss journey, stop it. It won’t be helpful for your body in the long run. But why do some people actually buying it?

The Branch Chain Amino Acids, commonly known as BCAAs, are very popular in the health and fitness industry together with protein shakes. The former is usually consumed before and during training to improve performance while the latter is after a workout.

However, the two are quite different from each other because BCAAs won’t do you any good. It’s a total waste of time and money. But in fact, both supplements can harbor health risks in the long run.

BCAAs only gained the attention of the public because it’s said to believe in increasing muscle protein synthesis, which is actually UNTRUE.

If you happen to see some or many fitness influencers who promote BCAAs on their social media or whatever platform, this sponsorship deal is just for marketing and they earn commissions out of it.

Kindly refer to the link below to see the studies that can convincingly refute the claims of BCAAs.

The TRUTH About BCAA’s and Muscle Growth (10 Studies)

And here’s what I can recommend to you:

What Supplements You Need To Lose Weight

Our today’s video reveals how I manage my clients to help them SUCCEED in their body transformation program. It doesn’t necessarily mean that since I’m their coach, I already have the authority to rant.

However, I ALWAYS believe that we should always learn something from our mistakes and whatever wrong in the past, especially if it is for our betterment.

PS. My goal for you is to achieve the body you’re dreaming of and maintain it WHILE enjoying the food you want — NOT a body that’s built out of supplements. Natural is always the BEST! 🙂

Stay fit, smart, and healthy my friend!


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