Sugar is NOT The Root of All Evil (The TRUTH About Weight Loss)

Many people think sugar is the root of all evil for weight loss, and cutting sugar from your diet will yield immediate weight loss results. However, this is false, and cutting sugar is not what you should be focusing on to lose weight. I will tell you one thing you really need to change if you want to have sustainable weight loss, and it is not sugar.

If you think sugar is the root of all evil, you need to understand weight loss is not about cutting sugar or carbs, or methods such as intermittent fasting. What you need to understand is your diet is ultimate. Weight loss is about the calories you are taking in through food versus the calories you are burning every day. It is true sugar can be harmful, because it is very addictive and the body craves for it. Therefore, it is very easy to overeating when eating sugar because once your body gets some, it wants more and more. This leads to struggling to control portions and calories.

The key to dealing with sugar is to control how much sugar you are consuming, not cut it altogether. By knowing how many calories you need to eat in order to lose weight, you will be able to eat the proper amount of sugar to stay within this calorie limit. This will minimize your sugar intake, but also be more sustainable than cutting it out of your diet completely.

The biggest key to losing weight is you need to change your mindset. Your mindset is the motivation and discipline you have to reach your goals. You need to have the proper mindset to follow a program, and the biggest part of this mindset is the self-discipline to maintain a certain calorie deficit which allows you to lose weight.

Cutting sugar is impossible to do over the long term, and if you lose weight from cutting sugar, you are losing weight because of eating fewer calories, not from the lack of sugar itself. If you try something as extreme as cutting sugar completely, you will get stuck in the lose weight, gain weight cycle. This means you follow a strict program which allows you to lose weight over a short period of time, but then since the program is so restrictive, they do not follow through with it and end up putting back on all of the weight they lost. This is what will end up happening if you decide to cut all of the sugar out of your diet, as not having sugar for your life is an impossible goal.

In conclusion, sugar is not the root of evil, but your mindset is the true route of all evil. If you do not have the proper mindset of eating at a caloric deficit and eating on a plan which is sustainable and you can do for your entire life, you will be successful in losing weight. This video explains why having this mindset is so important, and why a bad mindset is the true root of all evil, not sugar.


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