Keeping The Diet “Interesting” Will Cause You To Stuck Never Lose Weight

What’s wrong with the word “interesting”? There seems nothing wrong, right? Interesting things drive us to be proactive. However, in the aspect of diet, the said word appears to cause a dilemma to one’s weight loss journey. Interesting, isn’t it?

Perhaps, your mind is now arguing with this idea. Let me clarify what’s wrong with this.

One great reason why you should not keep your diet “interesting” is because of the tendency not to stick with your diet plan. People who started their weight loss journey might agree with me when I say that because of food restrictions to control the calories and macros they eat, they try to keep things interesting, especially food.

They try to have different meals every day, they eat at different times of the day; they invent different recipes; they look for different places to eat, and this is a huge problem. If you do this, you’ll make things difficult for you. You’re not helping yourself to succeed in your weight loss journey because you’re not teaching your body to look for the right food to lose fat.

When you try to have different meals every day, your body wouldn’t be programmed on autopilot. Your mind and body will always look for various sets of food from time to time, that will make things complicated. As a result, you’ll find it hard to stick with the right calories and macros.


Simple, just make things simple. Complicated things in whatever aspect of life are hard to maintain — that’s the reality. And if you will only keep things as simple as possible, you’ll see some great results pouring into you. Just like in the workspaces, it’s always better to WORK SMART than to WORK HARD.

With regards to your diet plan, you can make things simple by finding 3 to 4 recipes that you most like, stick to this every day, create a schedule for each meal as well as for your workout session, and your body will surely get fully-automated gradually. It may sound boring to you, but it works great.


Two things, my friend. DISCIPLINE and DETERMINATION.

That’s the best solution in everything. When you learn to have these two, you’ll achieve all your goals in life, even losing fat and getting sexy! 🙂


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