Huge Gym Mistake You’re Probably Doing (AVOID IT)

Some workouts are sometimes ruined due to resting for too long or worse, doing the wrong repetitions. You have to properly time your workout and rest ratio if you’re aiming to gain more muscle mass or lose weight. Today’s video will teach you about the two (2) types of isotonic contractions: Eccentric and Concentric. How do these affect your training?

Most people used to think that repetition is always performed in one movement. For example, repeated lifting of a dumbbell is sometimes considered as one movement only, and this is wrong thinking. The lifting of weight is one movement and is called concentric. The lowering your arm from a biceps curl is another movement and is called eccentric.

Whether you do biceps curls, bench presses, pulldowns, deadlifts, etc., you have to consider the two contractions that I mentioned above. What most people do is they try to complete the sets in as fast as they can without giving a focus on the negative training (another name for eccentric).

If you focus your workout only on concentric, that means you only completed 50% of the exercise. The two contractions should be done correctly to ensure you’re not wasting your time in seeing half results.

Now, here’s a GREAT TIP: if the repetition required in your chosen program is eight (8) repetition, you have to choose a weight that you will fail to lift on the seventh or the ninth repetitions. If you can only perform five or six repetitions, then mostly you’re lifting too heavy for your program. On the other hand, lifting with nine or more repetitions implies that your weights are too light that will put your sets of workout into waste.

In conclusion, the sets that you make no matter how many it is, if you’re not giving proper attention to the two isotonic contractions, then it will surely take you time to see significant and satisfying results in your body transformation.


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