How To Lose Weight WITHOUT Cardio (NO BS Answer)

Maybe you’re wondering, is it possible to lose weight without doing Cardio workouts? Many people would think that cardio training is the secret behind losing weight. Well, it’s not. But before we deep dive into this topic, what is a cardio workout, anyway?

Cardio is a short term for “cardiovascular activity” in fitness. Cardio workout is any training or exercise that raises your heart rate, such as running, cycling, high-intensity interval training, swimming, jumping rope, and rowing.

Remember that our heart is also a muscle, and we have to make it stronger. If you have a strong cardiovascular system, it can help you burn more body fat because more capillaries deliver enough amount of oxygen to your cells in your muscles.

Now, if you were able to watch our previous videos, I always tell you that your body transformation results come from 80% of what you eat, and 20% comes from your activities. So, to maximize results, you should focus on doing both effectively.

To answer the question above, YES, it is possible to lose weight without performing any cardio training. You need to EAT FEWER CALORIES AND EXERCISE MORE.

Just like what I always recommend, you should know your first the total calories that your body needs to maintain weight. By the time you know this, you can now have better control of calories that you consume every day.

You need to make sure that you are burning more calories than the amount you intake. If you’re eating 2000 calories per day, and you burn 2,500 calories every time you eat that much, then you’re on a caloric deficit of 500. In this example computation, you’ll lose 1 lb. of body weight per week.


For food lover people, I’d suggest you do cardio workouts for you to enjoy eating without the need to be bothered if you’ll gain weight.

If you’re not that kind of food lover and you HATE doing cardio as well, then no problem with that. You can always exclude cardio from your routine, and do whatever you know would be better for you to lose weight.

In conclusion, stripping cardio workouts from your training means more restrictions on the food you eat. Include cardio, then you’ll have a higher chance of losing fat while eating the food you love. The latter requires more self-discipline.


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