How NOT to lose weight if you’re an entrepreneur or a busy professional

The key to losing weight if you are an entrepreneur or a busy professional is having a diet and workout program which fits your lifestyle. You shouldn’t spend an exorbitant amount of time on these which causes you to lose focus on other important tasks, but rather create plans for both which allows you to maximize your time.

There are many so-called experts who claim small frequent meals are the best way to lose weight, however, this is not true at all. These experts claim to have six small meals throughout the day maximizes your weight loss, but in truth, it only makes your food consumption more difficult. By having twice the number of meals, you have to do twice the planning and effort. In reality, it is the total number of calories which matters the most, and not how many meals you eat throughout the day.

In order to maximize your time during the day, you should attempt to minimize your meals. Personally, I only have two meals and two shakes throughout the day so I can maximize my time and have a filling and large meals. This gives me triple the amount of time I would have eating six meals, and I am getting the same nutritional value.

Another mistake people are tempted to make is hiring a personal trainer. When you hire a personal trainer, you lose flexibility and have to schedule your workouts around them. This schedule changes all the time, and it is very difficult to get in a routine.

For your workouts, you should try to choose a gym near to your work or home to minimize your commute and maximize the time spent at the gym itself. When you don’t waste time travelling to the gym, your chances of actually going to the gym go up exponentially. If there are no gyms near you, you should consider creating a gym in your home to avoid a long commute.

Finally, it is important to follow a flexible diet, which allows you to eat out at restaurants and eat different foods. Because you are busy, it is hard to follow a strict diet so it is necessary to have a diet which allows you to adjust to different foods. Meal prepping is a good strategy if you have the time, but it makes your diet very inflexible. As long as you have a proper structure to your diet and have a set calorie intake and macronutrients, you can adjust what you are eating as long as it fits into this schedule. This allows for more options and ultimately will make your diet much easier to follow.

In conclusion, if you are an entrepreneur or a busy professional, you need to use your workouts and diet to maximize your time. By making decisions to maximize your time, you will be able to stay in your routine while accomplishing your weight loss goals. This video goes into more detail about common mistakes made when trying to lose weight as an entrepreneur or busy professional.


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