How Mayowa Went From Skinny Fat To Six Pack in 10 Months

Mawoya is originally from London and he joined the Spartan Coaching program with a goal to get in shape.

Initially, Mawoya was a bit lost with the direction he had to follow in terms of getting in his goal. He tried multiple coaches before however nothing had the quality show him a clear path. Before joining the program we had to do 3 calls in order to understand his current situation and explain to him the path he needs to follow.

As you can see from the transformation picture he started with a skinny-fat physique which requires a different approach from someone who is overweight. Mayowa went from 172 lbs down to 160 lbs within 10 months. A lot of you think that 12 lbs within 10 months might not be huge progress however it’s not about the number on the scale, it’s about the looks. As you can see from his transformation we managed to build muscle and also reduce his body fat.

This is his advice for anyone still not in our Spartan Coaching program:

“I was so sceptical before joining the program as I had different bad experiences from other programmes, however, I decided to do it and I got these amazing results. I am here after a year! With other coaches, I lasted for a maximum of 4 months and was getting zero results. With this program, I am still in it for a year and also got the results I wanted. So simply just pull the trigger.”


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