How I Dropped My Body Fat From 18% Down To 10% in 8 Weeks (SECRETS REVEALED)

Losing body fat is a very difficult process, and also takes a very long time to accomplish. I recently needed to go from 18% body fat to 10% in a short 8 weeks to reach my goal weight to go on stage. Using my experience with this, I will help you by describing three keys to losing stubborn body fat.

The first key to losing body fat is the timeframe. The deadline you have for your fat loss will ultimately decide how difficult the process is going to be. A short time frame means you will have to use a more aggressive training program and diet, which makes the process very difficult. However, if you use a long time frame, you can have a more enjoyable diet which allows for more flexibility because you have more time to lose body fat. The 8 week period I had was a very short time, so I needed to go on a very restrictive diet which was not sustainable.

Next, once you know the timeframe you have, you need to create a plan. This plan should consist of a diet and training program which will get you to your goal body fat percentage within the specified timeline. This is the second step because your plan is going to be based on the time you have. Again, for a shorter time, you are going to need a more rigorous training program and a restrictive diet. For this reason, it is important to try to maximize the timeframe for your fat loss.

When you go on your plan, it is very important to control your emotions. You need to learn how to handle your emotions when things are not going well or you are not seeing results. I needed to hire a coach because I was on such a restrictive diet, so I needed help to stick with the plan and reach my goals.

This is the final step to accomplishing your goals, which is having someone who holds you accountable. If you have someone pushing you and holding you accountable, it is much easier to not get discouraged and trust the results will come. Another important part of your plan is to get and analyze the data of your progress. There will be times where it is difficult to see the progress you are making, and these are the times where it is important to see the data and know you are making the progress, even if you are not immediately seeing the results. If you can have someone holding you accountable and have data of your progress accessible, you are much more likely to control your emotions.

In conclusion, the most important steps to decreasing your body fat percentage is the timeframe for your goals, a system for goals, and someone to help you stay accountable. With the system you lose, approximately 80% of this system should be focused on your diet, which is more important than your training program. This video highlights why these steps are so important, and how they helped me go from 18% body fat to 10% in only 8 weeks.

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