How Chia went from 204 lbs (92.6 kgs) and 27% body fat to 155 lbs ( 70.6 kgs) and 15.4% body fat within 24 weeks!


This is Chia, who is originally from Taiwan and now lives in London.

Chia, before he joined the program, he tried to lose weight unsuccessfully because he couldn’t keep the results. He went through the “Lose weight – Gain weight” cycle for 3x times due to restrictive diets and losing the weight fast.

Chia joined the Spartan coaching program at 204 lbs ( 92.6 kgs ) and 27% body fat based on the Dexa scan we did on the 9th of January, and then after almost 6 months, we managed to get down to 155 lbs ( 70.6 kgs) and 15.4% body fat.

Now, Chia feels more energetic, more confident; he can focus more and doesn’t have any health issues. Read more about Chia’s story and also see the before and after Dexa scan report and his progress since day 1 of the program. You will get a much better understanding of how the whole program works and how it can work for you as well.






Xenios: I’m here with Chia. Chia is originally from Taiwan. He was living in New York for one year, and recently he moved to London. Chia, how are you, man, welcome.

Chia: Yeah, good, how are you, Xenios?

Xenios: Good, good, so, Chia how did we meet, man?

Chia: Because I am looking for a fitness trainer, a coach can help me to lose weight.

Xenios: Okay, so what was your weight before you joined the program?

Chia: Oh, my weight is quite heavy, it’s from 90 to 93.

Xenios: Good, so what did you try before you joined my program? Because I know that you had the story that you tried to lose weight in the past, and you, went, you told me to, from 92 kilos to 80. Then you reached plateau, then you gained the weight back. Can you explain me, what exactly happened?

Chia: Oh, what exactly happened because I used to, I was doing cardio or a little weight training by myself.

Xenios: Okay.

Chia: It’s not very successful because I always lost a little weight in a very short time but gain back very quick. I have been down this routine like three times.

Xenios: Three times!? okay.

Chia: Yeah, three times.

Xenios: So you lost weight and you gain weight three times, okay.

Chia: I’ve tried to start to lose weight.

Xenios: Wow, and the main reason behind that is because you used to follow extremely restrictive diets. Is that correct? What do you think, what was the main issue that you lost weight and gained weight?

Chia: Because, yeah, the diet. I didn’t really calculate the nutrition, what I need, should get, the macro calories every day. Also, I don’t know, not only doing the cardio, I need to do weight training as well. Because, like I was used to, I was believed, I had a longing for one hours is enough for today. But yeah, it doesn’t work.

Xenios: And right now the funny thing is that we are working for much less time in the gym, we are also doing much less time in the cardio, and you are getting much better results, is that correct?

Chia: Exactly, yeah.

Xenios: Good, so Chia, you joined the program because together we also did then DEXA scan, which I have in front of me. So, you joined the program at 92.6 kilos, back on January. I think it was January 16th.

Chia: Yeah.

Xenios: Okay, and your body fat, it used to be 27%, which has classified you in the overweight category, okay.

Chia: Yeah.

Xenios: So, what weight are you right now after five months?

Chia: Now, it’s 70.2, or 70.6.

Xenios: Yes, good. So, you lost 22 kilos, which, again, I have in DEXA scan. Super impressive. You did then DEXA scan yesterday, and I was so amazed by your progress. Going from 92.6 kilos to 70.6 kilos in five months, which is super impressive, but most impressive thing is that your body fat dropped from 27% to 15.4, which again, I have in DEXA scan in front of me. And it’s really insane to see that you actually don’t have fat anymore on your body. So, how does it feel, man, after you do this transformation? How do you feel?

Chia: Really good, like now I have abs, you can say it, some arms and chest, nice chest. Yeah, I feel more comfortable, more healthy lifestyle, and also helped be more focused on my studies.

Xenios: Okay.

Chia: Because I have a very good routine, like go to the gym in the morning and go to school, and yeah.

Xenios: Yeah.

Chia: Good everything.

Xenios: So before that, you used to be overweight, what were some of the problems you actually had?

Xenios: Yeah, how was your energy levels, how was your sleep?

Chia: It’s very low.

Xenios: Self-confidence, how was that?

Chia: Self-confidence, I don’t know. I feel it’s okay, as my outlook because of I always a little bit overweight. So people, if they are my friends, they know Kenny, yeah, heavy guy. And but, no, they would say, wow, your face look is very–

Xenios: Yeah, I remember, man, it is really crazy. So compared to now, how it feels from now that you did this transformation? What do your friends say about this right now?

Chia: Yeah, yeah, like people will stop and say, oh wow, Chia, you look so good now. It’s different, and also for my energy level, it’s really good. I can study longer because my body now is more healthy.

Xenios: Yeah, it’s impressive, man, honestly what you’ve done with this transformation in five months, that’s why I also call you my superstar client. And one of those things that I super appreciate with you is that you did every single daily work that I had for you. You logged all your food, all your workouts, and that’s why you also lost over 22 kilos, or over 50 pounds of weight, which is super impressive in just five months. Now, the other impressive things is that I remember that you used to have social events every single week. So tell me about that because you told me you go out every week with your friends, you go restaurants. So tell me about that, did it affect your progress?

Chia: I think, yes, but even you want to have some social life, maybe you can just locate on the weekend, but from Monday to Friday, you need to follow the nutrition restrictions.

Xenios: Yeah.

Chia: You need to calculate this, and you can give me, yourself, one day for cheat days.

Xenios: But my question is, okay, I never told you, ah, you cannot go to restaurants, you can’t go to those social events because it will affect your progress. So my question is can you go to restaurants? Can you have your social events and still lose weight? That’s my question to you with my program.

Chia: Yes, yes, of course.

Xenios: That’s the whole thing, man because I teach you the way on how to, basically, still be able to enjoy your life and of course get you the results that you want. So in the past you told me that you stuck at 80 kilos.

Chia: Yeah.

Xenios: Okay, so you had this weight loss plateau, and you never be able to move lower than 80 kilos. So what happened with my program?

Chia: Yeah, you still have a plateau for sure, but it’s like you need to keep working, and to use different weights.

Chia: Yeah.

Chia: I think as any work, give the individual advice. Then soon, you will cross it, and then your weight will just going down, my weight, sorry.

Xenios: Yeah, the thing is that you started at 92.6, but when we reached 80, you were a bit scared because you told me, yeah, I’ve reached 80 kilos before, but every time I reach 80, it’s very hard for me to go lower than this. But in reality, we managed to go to 70.6, which.

Chia: 75 to 73 is another struggling for me, but now look, I’m still going down to 70.

Xenios: Good, so Chia, how do you feel about the whole progress? Do you think the program was easy, do you think the program was hard? What do you think right now that you actually did it?

Chia: I think Xenios gave me a very good structure for the program because at the beginning we only training three days per week, but now we training every day. From the beginner level, now I can do more exercise per week, and it’s good. I’m an intermediate level.

Xenios: Good, so Chia, that’s all honestly, I’m super impressed with your progress.

Chia: Yes.

Xenios: And do you think that you can follow this program for the rest of your life? Do you think it’s a sustainable solution for you?

Chia: Yes, yes, as I keep going to the gym to do the workout, it’s, I will do it for whole life, yeah, forever.

Xenios: That’s the thing, man, because honestly, to keep these results, you still have to go to the gym, you still have to follow and have a structure with your nutrition because anyone that tells you that, oh my god, right now you are at a 70.6 kilos, and you gonna stay there without a workout or without the nutrition, they are just lying at you because it doesn’t work like this. The way that we do this is to make sure that your nutrition and your workout program that you follow is actually enjoyable because if you enjoy it that means you can also follow it for the rest of your life. Do you agree with me?

Chia: Yes, I think this point is very important. Find a program that you can enjoy all, at least you can keep doing this.

Xenios: Yeah, that’s the secret, man, because consistency beats perfection. This is how it is. So, Chia my last question to you.

Chia: Yeah.

Xenios: What advice do you want to give to people that they are still sitting on the fence, they know that they have weight loss problem, they need to lose weight, but they still don’t take action, they still don’t book this phone call to start doing this transformation.

Chia: Advice, I know everyone wants to look good, be handsome, pretty. So I think the first thing you need to step out your minds, like say, I want to be someone, I want to be like a supermodel.

Xenios: Yeah.

Chia: And then, just step-by-step to achieve it. And so I will encourage people, start to find a different kind of resource, and you can try to just make a phone call with Xenios. He will give you a lot of advice. He will do consulting for free, right?

Xenios: Yes, it is how it is.

Chia: Yeah. So, it’s really good, just try it.

Xenios: That’s how it is, man. Because honestly, if you don’t take action, you know that you still have the problem, and it doesn’t really change, it stays there.

Chia: Stay positive.

Xenios: But booking a phone call, it doesn’t cost anything, and can I try to change your whole life? I mean, you see this with yourself right now, after five months, that holy shit, you just got to the best body that you ever had so far.

Chia: Yeah.

Xenios: So Chia thank you so much, you are a superstar client. I super appreciate what we’ve done together for the last five months, and that’s it, man.

Chia: Okay, yep, thank you, bye bye.


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