How Arjun Went From 174 lbs ( 79 kgs) to 154 lbs (70 kgs) Within 12 Weeks

Arjun is originally from Pakistan but lives and works in London as an IT consultant.

He joined the program because he was referred by his friend Owais who is already a student in the Spartan Coaching program. Arjun joined the program because he didn’t have a plan and minimal knowledge about nutrition. He used to go to the gym before but didn’t see any results because he wasn’t sure if his plan was right for him.

When he joined the program he was 174 lbs ( 79 kgs) and within 12 weeks we managed to get down to 154 lbs (70 kgs).

This is what he said about the Spartan Coaching program:

“I joined the program after I saw my friend getting amazing results and positive feedback about Xenios’s Spartan Coaching program. I simply love the overall approach and the ability to understand what I am doing with nutrition, workouts and mindset. The who program is not just the gym plan or a diet plan that I am most impressed with; it is about his availability and the way he supports you during the programme.”


– Guys my name is Arjun and this is just a quick video to share my experience working with Xenios as my personal trainer. So, it was actually my friend who introduced me to Xenios’s Fitness Program, like about six months ago and looking at my friend’s impressive results I thought I’ll give it a go as well. So yeah, my plan was to lose some body fat and gain some muscle at the same time. So I started using Xenios’s Fitness Program and he gave me his best-customized diet and workout plan. It all started since then and been just over six months now. And trust me guys, it’s been an awesome journey so far. So, it’s not just his diet plan or workout plan I’m most impressed with. It’s about his availability. Like if you have any questions regarding your diet, or a workout plan, just buzz him on Facebook and he’ll come back to you like this quick. So it really works for me because I like asking a lot of questions. I like to know what I’m eating what impact does it have on my bodybuilding. So, yeah, I like to ask questions and he answers all my questions so it really works for me. And the second most important thing is he looks after his clients. He likes to keep a graph of your progress. Let’s say for instance he will record your weight on week one, and then on week five and week 10. So he will have that graph going up and down so it truly helps you to motivate as well. So, yeah those are the important things, which I would like to say, Xenios is really spot on with those things. It’s been six months now so far I’ve been working out with Xenios. So far my body is really in better shape. It’s not like how it was six months ago. And my plan is to definitely take my body to the next level. I would like to have a six pack abs obviously, so I still do not have it but I’ll be working on it. And my plan for the next six months is to get my six pack abs, get my body in better shape, and definitely, I’ll be not giving up so easily. So I’ll be working out with the Xenios Fitness Program and I will keep you updated in the next six month’s time on how do I look. Thank you so much. So yeah definitely if you want to achieve some goals as well, Xenios is the person, is the right person I would say, to actually go and try him, and he will really help you out in doing so. So yup, thank you Xenios. I hope to see you soon.


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