Coaching Session LEAKED! Client Loses 6 lbs In His First Month

Leaked coaching session from Xenios’s Spartan Coaching Mentoring Program

In today’s video, you’re going to have an opportunity to see and experience an exclusive fitness coaching session with some of my clients called “Spartan Coaching” program.

This VIP support is usually done every week to ensure that everyone who decides to join the program will get an excellent result in achieving the body transformation they want.

Watch how I tackled some crucial reminders, tips, and tricks about gaining weight, losing fat, and even how most people with little to zero knowledge about weight loss usually fall into the promise of fat burning supplements.

Also, you’ll hear a live testimony from one of the clients who successfully lost six (6) lbs in his first month guided under the Spartan Coaching Program. It’s so AMAZING!

Watch, enjoy, and stay fit everyone!

P.S. Please don’t mind me shouting. I do that sometimes, but I’m not mad. LOL. 😀

P.P.S. Don’t let your emotions destroy you!


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