5 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Trying To Eat Healthy

Who doesn’t love to have a healthy body? If you believe the classic saying: “Health is Wealth,” sure, you’re fond of healthy eating. But, some things aren’t appropriately done even if you think you’re doing good. And you should learn from those mistakes to lose weight effectively.

First mistake: NOT CALCULATING CALORIES YOU CONSUME. When you start to try eating healthy to have a good physique, as I always say, you should first determine how many calories your body needs to maintain weight. By the time you know this, you’d know how to adjust your calorie deficit properly. Eating healthy without giving attention to consuming and burning calories will never be helpful in your weight loss journey.

Second mistake: HAVING THE WRONG MACROS. Keep in mind that controlling calories in your body will also require you to watch your macronutrient intake. You need to adjust your protein, carbs, and fat correctly. For example, if you lack protein, it results in muscle loss, or you’ll find it hard to gain muscle mass.

Third mistake: DRINKING FRUIT JUICES. If you’ve noticed, there’s a nutrition facts label included in every sachet or package of almost all products in the market. And if you’ll look into the labels of fruit juices, including soda, they contain a high amount of calories and sugar. Not only that sugar won’t help in your fitness journey, but it can also give a spike in your blood sugar levels. Scary.

Fourth mistake: DRINKING SPORTS OR ENERGY DRINKS. You would think drinking this kind of drink every day or whenever you have training is good for your body. Is it because you’ve seen a lot of athletes in commercials endorsing these drinks? Don’t get fooled. These drinks contain lots of sugar, corn syrup, food color, and other artificial food additives that aren’t good for the body.

Fifth mistake: EATING GRANOLA AND OATS. Granola and oatmeals may be high in fiber and iron. However, if you’re not watching the nutrients they contain, you’ll end up eating those high in sugar and some not-so-healthy oils. You can take granola and oats with low-fat options. For oats, it is recommended that you eat only whole oats instead of the instant one. The latter often contains a high amount of sugar.

Now that you’re now aware of these mistakes, it’s up to you if you’ll continue doing these. Please note that trying to be healthy and sexy requires you to sacrifice some food-eating habits, and most importantly, it requires discipline and determination.


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