4 Reasons Your Lower Back Is Killing You + How To Heal It

Back pain is one of the awful things you’ll ever experience in your life. To determine its root cause isn’t always possible, but most of the time, you can quickly know it. But, what if you don’t understand how you got this?

If you’re experiencing pain for six (6) weeks or so, it can already be considered acute, and if it lasted for over three (3) months, then it’s chronic that needs proper medical attention.

Let’s tackle some possible reasons for this pain.

First reason, PHYSICAL INJURY. Your lower back pain is possibly caused by, spine injuries and fractures brought by accident with a powerful impact on your body. Of course, fitness instructors can’t help you with that. You should consult a doctor to know the proper remedy for this case.

Second reason, WRONG POSTURE. Your daily activities and habits may have something to do with your back pain. It is usually experienced by those people who spend long hours at the office desk job or even those who drive a car all day long. The back pain may be because of improper placing of the hands on the desk, wrong sitting or standing for long hours, and a poor-quality bed that hurts the spine.

Third reason, GYM ROUTINE. If you’re lifting weights in the gym and doing some sudden movements that may cause you strained muscles and sprained ligaments can also give you back pain. You can solve this problem by performing some stretches and back exercises.

Check the video below to know How to Recover After a Deadlift Injury within 48 Hours and Heal Lower Back Pain.

Fourth reason, YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT. Imagine you’re carrying an extra load of 100 lbs in your body; after a while you’ll notice that you can no longer stand straight because it’s too heavy for the build of your body. The best way to know if you’re overweight is to find out your BODY MASS INDEX (BMI). As you would expect, the solution for this lower back pain and knee pain as well is to lose weight.

In conclusion, you should be watchful on your activities, especially if you’re on your weight loss journey. It’s expected that you’ll feel this pain sometimes. What’s important is that you know how to heal the pain before it gets worse.

Bear in mind that you undergo fitness training to make yourself better — not to make you feel sick.


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