2 Simple Strategies To Lose Weight While Being On Holidays

Part of every travel adventure is food adventure. During these holidays, when we can have an excuse to eat what we want and drink what we like. It should be fun — you know, you only live once, and you should enjoy life to the fullest. But you can still be responsible enough with your health fitness. Here are our two simple strategies that work for us, and will surely work for you.

The first thing you need to do if you’re planning to lose some weight still while on a trip is to create a brilliant plan. You should know exactly your goals during the travels. Are you going to chill, relax, and stay away from sweat within that period or you’ll still do the usual workout routine?

It’s crucial to ask such questions as it will determine how your holiday will end up satisfactorily. Some gym addicts can’t get through a single day without doing some weightlifting or feel a sweat runs on their body. This is what makes their day complete so if you’re like that person, then you should include that plan in your itinerary.

In my case, I spent my holidays relaxing. I didn’t intend to do some workout as the travel include lots of walking trips, so this has become like an alternative way to burn calories while enjoying the scenery and atmosphere. But beyond that, we should also allow our body to recover and that’s what I did with my travel. It’s wise to keep in mind that sometimes, we need to consider that there’s always a proper place and time for everything we do.

My current strategy in keeping my diet while on travel is a cup of black coffee in the morning, and a massive meal at lunch and dinner.

The second strategy is the so-called “Breakfast Hotel” strategy. If you’re staying at a hotel, grab the opportunity of their breakfast buffet where they usually offer various food that’s high in proteins. What I typically do is I eat a massive breakfast that’s high in protein then fill with carbs and skip lunch and eat a massive dinner. It’s more likely intermittent fasting, and I burn thousands of calories by doing this.

To sum it up, you can do things while on travel to lose weight and stay fit. First is to include a workout plan and do your usual routine, and second is to perform the so-called “Breakfast Hotel” strategy which can ensure you that your not getting fat while enjoying amazing foods.


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