A Quick Guide To The Wolverine Workout

The famous Wolverine Workout Hugh Jackman

You have probably heard a million times how important it is to get moving and get physical, especially if your lifestyle includes sitting down in front of the computer the whole day. It is no secret that working out can really help you feel good not only physically, but it can also aid you in having mental stability. Fitting in a certain amount of physical exercise in your daily routine can really help boost your energy levels, impede illnesses, and may even enhance your mood as you get to age.

A type of exercise that could be suitable for people who aim to be as fit as a fiddle is the famous Wolverine workout that Hugh Jackman’s takes a big credit for it through one of his movie characters. This exercise will definitely work on the shape, strength, and athleticism of an individual. This is a form of work out that not only focuses on just lifting weights that sometimes result in having bulky arms, but it will help result in an overall incredible physique. An important thing to remember, which goes for any kind of exercise routine, is to perform this kind of exercise with a good mental state and readiness to be fit.

How The Wolverine Workout Works

The workout plan follows a classic yet progressive overload works out a plan that helps build strength. The routine will start you in an extra light way that gradually increases in momentum as you smash through reps and plateaus.

This is no modern day work out, as it actually makes use of old school techniques that will really burn through your muscles and reduce excess fat. The Wolverine workout focuses on a perfect balance of getting you in shape while avoiding machines, that often lead to bulkier arms.

Get Working

The now popular work out was designed to shock your body as it switches from one routine to another. It starts off with 10-minute cardio that is immediately followed by a weight lifting session that will focus only on compound movements. And with each cardio start, it is also concluded with the same 10-minute cardio rep.

Although compound lifts are definitely the focus here, the workout is also studded with unique reps that aim to add a twist to the whole routine. A perfect example is when focused on a squat or bench press, try adjusting the bench angle or even increase the pace for each set. Doing this won’t let your body get too familiar and comfortable with the routine, thus forcing your body to be flexible really quickly and so it will rapidly adapt to any changes in the whole workout routine.

The whole Wolverine workout is designed around a 4-week schedule that is rich with main lifts that are definitely changed up every week. Week one can be five reps for the main lifts. Week two can be four reps. Week three can just be three reps and then immediately on week four, go and perform ten reps. The Main lifts include barbell bench, back squat, deadlifts and pull-ups. The first three weeks, make sure to increase the weight each week and on the fourth week, reduce the weight in order for you to be able to perform ten reps.


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