Top Benefits of Creatine

Top Benefits of Creatine Discussed

If you are a fitness trainer or involved in strength training or heavy workouts, you are likely interested in learning about supplements. Among the supplements, you could be interested in learning about is Creatine. This is an amino acid that is produced in our bodies by the liver and kidneys. Once it is created, it is stored until needed for extra energy. Due to its popularity among the world of gym-goers, Creatine has almost been synonymous with muscle enhancement. Nonetheless, through research and well-documented studies, this supplement has been found out to have numerous health benefits aside from the exercise-enhancing potentials. Here are some of the health and exercise benefits explained.

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Perhaps because it is natural, it is much safer than many other supplements, drugs, or steroids. All the studies that have been conducted on Creatine have found it to be safe for consumption in recommended doses. There is hardly any proof as of yet that it has any serious risks associated with it.


With growing older comes increased susceptibility to different health-related problems such as muscle loss. The general loss of muscle mass, strength and coordination can result in a decreased level of activity. This can ultimately deprive the old of their capability to execute activities of their daily living. However, the scientific community has found out that through supplementation, a significant improvement in muscle gain and coordination can be appreciated in ageing adults taking Creatine.

Creatine can significantly transform an individual’s cholesterol status. Low-density lipoproteins (LDL) are types of lipids most commonly known as the “bad cholesterol” because of its tendency to settle on the inner walls of our arteries causing possible blockage and making it hard for the blood to pass through. Initially, our heart will adapt by functioning harder than usual, however, over time this coping mechanism will fail, and eventual consequences will occur. Nevertheless, research has concluded that Creatine is effective in improving an individual’s lipid profile. It significantly lowers the total cholesterol level by about 5% and a whopping 20% decline in two of the most sensitive type of fats; triglyceride and very-low-density lipoprotein.

Creatine provides the body with a bundle of energy for those working out for a particular event or competition. It will help fuel your body with energy to help you maximize workout time and stretch it over the longest possible period. This gives the body an extra boost of energy to allow you to train for longer periods of time. If you are planning on trying to increase your endurance and muscle mass, this may be a good route for you to consider.

Guys everywhere are searching for the miracle supplement to help them have massive muscles with the least possible training. Creatine will assist the body in storing glycogen, which is needed as you are recovering from each workout session. This increases the muscle growth process, allowing you to get bigger quicker.

While studies have shown that Creatine is safe for use, as with any supplement, it should be taken with care and caution. It is always advisable to take a professional approach if you want to achieve full and enjoy the concomitant benefits of using Creatine supplement. The professional knows vividly when to take and when not to take the supplement, the conditions, and the recommended amounts. For instance, if you are experiencing kidney problems, Creatine could have a very adverse effect on your health. You can join my premium online personal training service only if you are interested in the professional approach to dieting and learning more about Creatine.


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