How Nikos Went From 194 lbs (88 kgs) to 154 lbs (70 kgs) Within 6 Months

I started my fitness journey at 88 kg (194 lbs) and managed to get down to 70kg (154 lbs) with Xenios’s Spartan Coaching program. It is just unbelievable that I lost 18 kgs (39 lbs) within the last 6 months as I tried many things before like intermittent fasting, the ketogenic diet, personal trainers, P90x and nothing lasted.

I kept gaining the weight back until I started the Spartan Coaching program. The fact that I can now sustain my results, enjoy my lifestyle and save the results going is what exactly I needed. I am now much stronger, much healthier and way more positive compared to what he was before.

My advice for anyone who wants to start this is, If you don’t have a personalised nutrition plan that is exactly for you then all the training you do is just a waste of time. You also don’t need to spend 1-2 hours at the gym. 40-45 mins are enough.




Xenios – This is Xenios Charalambous and I’m here with one of my clients, his name is Nikos and he is from Greece, he’s currently in Denmark. So, Nikos! Can you give us more information about how was your fitness background before starting working with me?

Nikos – My fitness background was I was not very good to track my foods, I was not working very hard at the gym as I should do. I had no guide. I had to guide myself. I was a bit just going training, and just doing some weights and I was not really, didn’t have a program. I was just doing it by myself I was really behind with many of my results. And I believe since I met Xenios, I have a guide now, I have a program, and everything is going as it should do.

Xenios – How was your weight before starting with me?

Nikos – Oh, my God! My weight was 88 kilos.

Xenios – And how much weight did we lose working together?

Nikos – Oh, this time now? I was 70 kilos, now I’m 72. Which is not that big a problem, two kilos. But I’ve lost almost 18 kilos.

Xenios – Wow.

Nikos – And that means holding the kilos since then.

Xenios – That’s so awesome man. 18 kilos like this. So what made you take this decision to hire a professional and have a proper system that works for you? Why did you make this decision and can you tell me more about what was going in your head back then when you were 88 kilos, you wanted to make this change?

Nikos – Sometimes I believe in life we need sometimes a guide. You need a guide. Sometimes you need someone to give you that extra push to guide you to where you want to take your goal. And sometimes, when someone guides you something to do this, you think so in your head, then you say “I want this pushing me in the right direction and I want to. And you need a system to make something to work sometimes. You cannot just say, “Oh I’m going to do this and it works. You need sometimes guide tricks just to achieve the goal you need.

Xenios – Yeah, basically to have proper guidance with your nutrition, your workout program, from a professional that actually knows what he’s doing–

Nikos – Exactly. And I’ve succeeded today and I am very happy with myself and how I’ve changed so much. And as always, you always want to go further. You always want more.

Xenios – Nikos, what benefits did you get from losing so much weight? How do you feel? How is that tasks that you do with your everyday life, with your work? Can you describe us more about the benefits that you’ve got?

Nikos – The benefits I got, well, there are many things. I’m happy every day. I feel fresh. And because I’ve lost a lot of weight, I look good as my body. Sometimes you can also see it when you buy clothes.

Xenios – Yeah.

Nikos – You say, “Oh! This is the clothes I had before. This is what I have now. It fits. It looks good on me. You feel more… You feel more alive. Alive. And also, you could also see it, sometimes, people when they lose a lot of weight, you can see a lot in your face and your body and you look at old pictures and you see a lot of results and say, “Wow! And you think to yourself and say, “This is what I’ve done. This is what I’ve done. This is how you feel good about yourself. You feel… Alive. Alive. Because you’ve achieved something and you go in the right direction.

Xenios – Nice. And what do you think about to hire someone to get the coach you and to mentor you? What’s your opinion about this? Do you think it’s useful? What’s your opinion about this?

Nikos – I think it’s useful to have someone to guide you because he also will guide you to the correct direction how you’re supposed to train, how you supposed to what portions of food and how you can track your meals. And a very system also to how you can train because it sometimes you can’t just train one part of the muscle, you need to have a system to train all parts of your body. And a professional know has done it because he’s done it before. That’s my opinion about that.

Xenios – Awesome, man! Thank you so much! This is Nikos. He lost over 18 kilos.

Nikos – 18 kilos, yes.

Xenios – That’s it.

Xenios – Thank you so much, Nikos, for your time.

Nikos – You’re welcome, Xenios!



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