Meet Khuram! He is originally from Pakistan, he was born and raised in London, and he is a business consultant for pharmacies that want to scale their business. He is also a partner at one of the biggest Pharmacies suppliers in the UK, named “Pyramid Pharmacy”.

Khuram, before he joined the program, worked before with personal trainers although due to his work commitments, it was challenging for him to schedule appointments with a trainer. He joined many fitness programs before although nothing was designed based on his lifestyle.

He joined the Spartan Coaching program at 185 lbs (84 kgs), and after 6 months being in the program, we managed to get down and stay at 149 lbs (68 kgs).

One of the things that Khuram liked about the program is the ability to still go to his social events like while enjoying the foods he wants and still maintain/lose weight. After achieving this transformation, he performs much better at his work, has higher energy levels and feels fabulous about the program.




Xenios – I’m here with Khuram, Khuram’s originally from Pakistan. He was born and raised in London. He’s a business consultant for pharmacies that want to scale their business and he’s one of the partners at one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the UK, Pyramid Pharmacy. Khuram, thank you so much for being in the program. How is everything, man?

Khuram – Good, thank you. Good to see you.

Xenios – Awesome! Khuram, how did we meet?

Khuram – So I saw an advert of yours on Facebook which I was intrigued by and I watched a video, and then we arranged a call yeah, via that.

Xenios – Awesome, man. So why did you schedule a call, what was the problem?

Khuram – It worked really well for me because of my schedule and it’s very difficult to find time with my work commitments. So it was perfect actually, arranging a call was perfect.

Xenios – Good. So you joined the program. I remember this from the call, you were also a bit scared about their whole procedure because you told me that you never work with someone before from the internet. I know that you tried many personal trainers before so what was your experience about previous fitness programs or trainers that you tried?

Khuram – So previously I’ve had trainers at gyms and I’ve spent a good amount of time, I’ve invested a lot of time. I just didn’t get the results that I was looking for. And I had issues fitting it into my, again, my work commitments.

Xenios – Okay.

Khuram – And social commitments, getting to the appointments when I needed to. That was the issue that I used to find, to be honest. I used to miss a lot of sessions as well.

Xenios – So what you didn’t like about the personal trainers that you worked before in person?

Khuram – The personal trainers, it was difficult to arrange appointments with them. So even just getting there was an issue, you know?

Xenios – So basically you’re enjoying this solution because you saw that you don’t have to work with a personal trainer in person because you work long hours, as you explained to me.

Khuram – Exactly, sorry to interrupt. You can put it around your own schedule, you see, and you can train at appropriate times for yourself. And it’s always ready for you, you see?

Xenios – And what were you trying to achieve by enjoying this program? What were your expectations?

Khuram – Oh, the same thing as everyone I guess. I wanted to lose weight, lose my stomach, put on a bit of strength, everything, yeah.

Xenios – And I remember that you lost weight before, but one of the biggest struggles you had is that you couldn’t manage to keep it. So you were stuck into this cycle of gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight. So what did it go wrong with that?

Khuram – To be honest with you, the instruction I was getting from the trainers wasn’t sufficient, now I look back on it. And the diet, they didn’t have much knowledge of the diet, diet plans. So yeah, I was losing a little bit, but I put it back on very quickly. And in fact, to be honest with you, I think I put on weight while I was training ’cause they advised to eat too much, and you know, there’s nothing, it’s not their fault, they don’t really know as well, you know.

Xenios – Yeah. I remember one of the problems that we had when we worked together, are you also were going out to a lot of restaurants with your clients and you basically couldn’t find something that could fit that.

Khuram – Yeah, as with everyone else, I have a lot of work commitments and sometimes in the evening appointments and you have to eat, you know you have to sit down and have a meal with your boss or client. And that was causing me to go over my diet, what I was meant to be eating. Couldn’t put it in, yeah.

Xenios – What was your weight before joining the program?

Khuram – It was 84 kilos.

Xenios – And what is your weight right now?

Khuram – Right now it’s 68, 69.

Xenios – That’s really cool, man. So you lost almost over 10 kilos.

Khuram – Yeah, I’m pretty happy.

Xenios – In the last six to eight months working together which is really cool. So what did you like about the program, man?

Khuram – The program worked perfectly, it works perfectly for me in that I get help and advice from you, which, not to be overlooked. The program fits in with my schedule, and the information that you’ve given me on my diet, that’s what’s been the main thing actually, has really helped me. And all the exercises as well, different types of exercises and movements. See, it’s just been perfect for me, yeah.

Xenios – Awesome. And apart from the nutrition and the diet, what else did you really like about it?

Khuram – Well, I’ve sort of, not used you, the things we talk about during the sessions, it’s like life-coaching, you know? It’s like three in one I guess. And it’s been so helpful, it’s been so helpful to help me deal with issues outside of the gym and just my personal outlook and my personal relationships, and in my work commitments and it’s been amazing, to be honest with you. And it’s not something you can buy easily as well, these sort of things.

Xenios – Do you think that after achieving this transformation has also impacted other areas of your life?

Khuram – Undoubtedly.

Xenios – How do you feel about it, that you managed to–

Khuram – Honestly, it’s been amazing. I just can’t put into words how much I’ve changed as well and how much knowledge and how my outlook has changed on life as well. So yeah, it’s been amazing.

Xenios – Awesome, man. So what is the number one advice that you want to give to people that they know that they have a problem with their weight, they tried many things before that doesn’t work and they are extremely sceptical to schedule this call and make this change.

Khuram – First of all I wanna say, I’ve been there. I was in the same position. The solution will work out for anyone who is busy and who sticks to their advice, and who takes on all the information that you provided in the program. So my advice would be, please just schedule a call, have a look at the video, and you’ll achieve what you’re looking for.

Xenios – That’s the thing man, the thing is that most people are scared you know, they are not sure if it’s going to work for them, but at the end of the day, if you actually take action, this is how transformation is going to happen because one of the biggest problems we have right now with the internet is that we have a lot of information but very few transformations. So at the end of the day, it’s all about taking action and just doing the work.

Khuram – I think it’s normal to be sceptical and maybe a bit scared. But really I would advise anyone to look into the solution that you’ve designed. Especially if they’re busy in their work commitments, and personal life as well. But it’s worked fabulously for me.

Xenios – Awesome, man. Thank you so much for being in the program and I’m looking forward to more. Thank you.

Khuram – So am I. Take care.