How Aidan Went From 179 lbs (81 kgs) to 143 lbs (65 kgs) Within 6 Months

This is Aidan, he is originally from China, he is a lawyer based in central London and for the last few months, he is travelling all around the world.

Before he joined the Spartan Coaching program he tried many different personal trainers and fitness programs without getting permanent results. He spent a lot of money on trainers and programmes for literally nothing…

When he joined the program he was 81 kg (178 lbs) and we needed to design a sustainable solution for him that would allow him to eat the foods he likes and is available to him due to his weekly travelling schedule.

Within 6 months in the program, we managed to get down to 65kg (143 lbs) as a result we lost 16kg (35 lbs).




Xenios – I’m here with Aidan, Aidan is originally from China, he’s a lawyer in London, he’s travelling all around the world, you’ve been to Australia, right now you are in London, you also been travelling countries in Europe, so Aidan welcome, thank you so much for being in the program

Aidan – Thank you

Xenios – Awesome man, so, how did we meet?

Aidan – Right so I was searching you on Facebook and I saw your advertisement and then I decided to check out your video and then after the video, I was a bit sceptical and then I was also quite curious so I decided to make a call

Xenios – Yeah

Aidan – And so I booked a call with you and that’s how we met.

Xenios – Awesome man good to know about this and you also mention that you are a bit sceptical

Aidan – Yeah

Xenios – So what was the biggest fear? Why were you sceptical about this phone call?

Aidan – Well, so basically before I met you I’ve tried a few other personal trainers, a few other fitness programs, but they didn’t really work out. Like I lost weight whilst I was on the program

Xenios – Okay

Aidan – But then after the program, I just instantly gained the weight back. I think the problem is like we didn’t focus on much of the diet so my previous experience wasn’t very positive.

Xenios – Okay, so basically you were on a very restrictive diets

Aidan – Yes

Xenios – And this caused you to not keep the results

Aidan– Yes

Xenios – So you get stuck into this loop that you gain weight you lose weight, you gain weight, okay?

Aidan – Right

Xenios – And for how long was this a problem for you?

Aidan – Well, quite a few years already, I’ve been trying different programs, some different approaches, but they didn’t really work.

Xenios – Okay, good, so you came to me, you saw that I am designing the programs in a sustainable way and you decided to join the program, correct?

Aidan – Yes, correct.

Xenios – Good, and what was your weight before you started the program with me?

Aidan – Around eighty, eighty-one kilos.

Xenios – Okay, and how much is your weight right now?

Aidan – Sixty-five

Xenios– How much?

Aidan – Sixty-five

Xenios – Sixty-five?

Aidan – Yes

Xenios – So you lost like almost twenty kilos in the program in the program in the last six months working with me

Aidan – That’s correct

Xenios – Wow this is amazing man, so Aidan what is the one thing that you actually liked about this whole approach, the way that I do things?

Aidan– I think the special part is that we’re not just focusing on the training itself but also getting the diet, getting the mindset, and the whole approach is different so that I can do

Xenios – Yeah

Aidan – Quite a bit of the workout by myself and not spending lots of money on personal training, of getting a trainer, I think that’s the biggest change

Xenios – Yeah

Aidan – And I feel really positive after that.

Xenios – Good, and the other thing that you told me before is that because I know you are very busy, you work very long hours and at the same time right now you travel a lot

Aidan – Yep

Xenios – In Europe, you don’t like to have appointments at the gym with a trainer and you prefer to do it on your own time, that’s correct?

Aidan – Yes it is

Xenios – Good

Aidan – Yep

Xenios – So how do you feel after getting these results losing almost twenty kilos?

Aidan – Yeah, I get really, I get more confident and more positive, I feel comfortable, and then, you know it’s, I’m in better shape, and everything’s better and I’m really positive now.

Xenios – That’s really cool, so one last thing before we end up this call man, so

Aidan – Sure

Xenios – What do you have to advise for people that they are sitting on the fence and they are not booking this call what do you want advise for people that they know they have weight problem, they want to lose weight, they want to transform their body they see the results of my customers they see all these interviews but are they are still not booking this call?

Aidan – Yeah, so if you have weight problems I think you, it seems really important that you take action, I know it’s difficult at the start and you might be sceptical, but if you don’t take actions, nothing is gonna change, so book a call and then learn more about the program I think you will find it really positive

Xenios – Awesome

Aidan – And if you stick to it, you get the results you want.

Xenios – This is how it is man, I really like the mindset that you have. This is Aidan, thank you, Aidan, so much for this interview It was my pleasure and I’m looking forward to even more.

Aidan – Sure, thank you.



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