How Abdullah Went From 193 lbs (87 kgs) to 180 lbs (81 kgs) Within 1 Year

Abdullah, from Sierra Leone, is getting coached and mentored by me for the past 1 year and describes how following free non-tailored programmes from the internet to having professional guidance and a system changed his life.

His biggest struggle was finding time to train and eat as he runs multiple businesses and has a very busy schedule. Our goal was to optimise the nutrition and workout programme in a way that fits his schedule.

One of the things he liked about my system is the ability to eat the foods that he liked at the times that work best for his schedule. Also, he realised that spending just 30-40 minutes per day at the gym is enough to get you the results that he wants.

Abdullah’s #1 piece of advice for members:

“If you put in the time and have everything clear for you, organise it then everything would be great”.



Xenios – Hey, guys. This is Xenios Charalambous and I’m here with one of my clients. His name is Abdullah. He’s coming from Sierra Leone from Africa. So, Abdullah, tell me more about how was your story with fitness. What did you do before start working with me?

Abdullah -I was just following a random fitness diet. I just go to the gym. I just workout out. I haven’t had any system before. Then, everything had to be organized with your system before and it made more sense. I used to take everything for granted, but then, everything had to be more organized. I could see definitely better results.

Xenios – Why did you make the decision to transition from the programs that you are following on the Internet to having a professional guiding you with either your training program? Why did you make this transition and how was the whole experience?

Abdullah – Actually, I had some friends at the gym here who have been doing with you before. They noticed some improvements. I mean how could tell the difference they had. So, I decided to follow up the same as well. Then, try following up the Perfect Program. Hopefully, I was looking forward to seeing better results.

Xenios – Nice. So, Abdullah, what exactly you wanted to achieve once you joined my program?

Abdullah– It was actually multipurpose. I wanted to use a little fat. I wanted to build some muscle, body shape. And definitely, I was seeing better results coming out. I mean I could see more improvements coming out. I’m happy with it. I’m looking forward definitely to more of this program.

Xenios – What are results and benefits did you got from your everyday life because I know that you are a super busy person. You run businesses there in Sierra Leone, so how this benefited you in your everyday life?

Abdullah – Well, definitely, you had to organize your food style. Like my food style was kind of random, you can have any meals any time, you eat anything any time. So, I structured my diets more. It was more accurate and then, you can benefit more from the food you have. You can eat at better times. And for the workout, I just found out that you don’t have to be at the gym for two hours to get the results. You can do it in 30-40 minutes and then, that’s it.

Xenios – Exactly. This is exactly what we are teaching in the program that you don’t have to spend like two, three hours–

Abdullah – Exactly.

Xenios – in the gym. That’s the point. What was your experience working with me? Last question.

Abdullah – Working with you was a pleasure, Xenios. I almost needed everything I need. I got to take back from you. You’re really helpful. Definitely looking forward to more experience definitely.

Xenios – Awesome, man. Thank you so much. That’s it for today.

Abdullah – Thank you very much.

Xenios – Abdullah, you candid from the one. Thank you.

Abdullah – Thank you, man.


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