Foods You Must Avoid When on a Diet

Foods You Must Avoid When on a Diet

Dieting is a challenging task for most people. However, if you know which food to take in and which ones to avoid, you’ll find it easier to reduce the excess pounds. Remember that you will gain weight if your caloric intake is higher than your energy output. If you do not burn the excess calories you ate, the excess will go to your abdominal area, arms and thighs. To increase the chances of losing weight, here are the food groups you must avoid or take sparingly.

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Bad Foods


Fats are an important source of energy. However, the volume of calories you take in is doubled compared to proteins or carbohydrates of the same size. If you want to diet successfully, consume fats very sparingly. Fat, wet foods are mostly those cooked by deep frying and also animal meat. When choosing animal meat, pick the spare parts since they have lower fat content.

Sweets and Sugars

Dessert is a kind indulgence, but only if you have it once a week. However, if you indulge in ice cream, chocolates or blueberry cheesecake more often, you will end up with more pounds than before. Sweets are sources of carbohydrates. But the carbohydrate is in its simplest form, making it very high in calories. In fact, one slice of your favourite cheesecake gives you 280 calories. This enormous amount that you get is enough for one whole meal.

We eat way too much sugar. The problem is that sugar is in just about everything we eat. Therefore, it can be tough to realize just how much of it we are eating each daily. The problem with sugar is that it contains empty calories. In other words, it has absolutely no nutritional value. When you eat it, the bulk of it gets stored as fat in your body. This means it won’t help you lose weight. Sugar can also cause your immune system to become depressed, put you at risk for heart disease and osteoporosis among other things.

Processed Foods

Processed foods are rich in calories and sodium content. If you have to lose weight, avoid eating processed foods too often. These are the instant meals and those served in fast food restaurants. If you are in doubt about the enormous volume of calories you take in, try eating for one week at a fast food restaurant from breakfast to dinner. Check your weight after one week of experimentation.

Calorie Filled Drinks

Drinks that are loaded with calories are the biggest diet busters out there nowadays. Whether it’s soft drinks, milk, juice or beer, drinks containing calories can be a big stumbling block. It’s very easy to forget how much you’re taking in when the calories are in liquid form which is what posses the danger.

So, break away from the disinformation of the excellent food and diet industries. Following this list of foods, you must avoid, will take you a long way towards your dieting goals of controlling your weight, losing fat and optimizing your health. If your interested in taking a professional approach to dieting and wish to learn more about proper dieting you can join my premium online personal training service.


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