Benefits of wearing a weight lifting belt

Protection from Back Injuries and Other Benefits of Weight Belts

Look around your local gym and you see that there are guys wearing weight belts while doing stomach crunches. Others might be leaving this accessory out while they power through a CrossFit session. But, most serious body builders will never lift anything without wearing a weight belt.

There are real benefits to wearing a weight belt. Of course, it has to be the right type and size for your particular needs to give you the best aid in weight lifting. Generally, weight belts do allow wearers to lift more, longer. This means that they are clearly beneficial at helping an individual build muscle overall.

One of the major benefits of weight belts though is protection against injuries. Specifically, your lumbar spine or low back need the protection a weight belt offers. Weight belts also help you recover from your workouts better and that, too, helps your lumbar muscles recover so they are less susceptible to injuries.

Without a proper weight belt, you may not be able to make progress. You might workout without a belt as intensely as possible. However, too much intensity may lead to lower back pain. That just leads to taking a few steps back in your workout progress. You need a quality weight belt to take the burden off of your back muscles in the lower spine so you can lift more with less stress on them.

Weight belts do support the back and this alone helps prevent injuries. But, wearing the weight belts at the proper time and in the proper way is also key to getting them to provide you with all the benefits to be had from them. When you choose a weight belt, you will see that there are many different sizes and types including those with padding and those made of leather. The stiffer a belt is the more it can help you reduce pressure on your spine.

Weight belts will really only benefit you if you also use proper techniques when wearing them. Be sure to breathe in deep and push or pull your weights while you are holding that breath in. Exhale only after you have finished the movement.

A good weight belt will be a protective wall for your abs. You can safely push your abs against the belt which increases pressure to the spine in the right manner. It helps stabilize your spine and gives you a better ability to remain solid during overhead lifting.

Choose a belt based on the type of weight lifting you are doing. For instance, power lifters will want heavy duty leather belts that are the same width all the way around. Beginners may not want to work with belts until they have had more training with a coach regarding proper weight techniques.

Instead of using the belt to push muscles against, a beginning weight lifter will first benefit by learning how to work his stomach and back muscles. Once this is done, a suitable weight belt will be beneficial.