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Personal Training in Central London

Gym Name: Urban Kings Gym

Address: 18 York Way, Kings Cross, London N1 9AA

Open Hours: 6:30am–10pm

Telephone: 07462881825

Email: [email protected]

Prices start from £60 per session

Born in 1993 and reassembled in the United Kingdom in 2013, Xenios Charalambous is a professional athlete and celebrity trainer. He is in the fitness industry for more than 8 years, appeared in multiple fitness magazines, commercials and TV shows. Xenios, has been watched by more than 7 million people on youtube and helps thousands of people transform their physiques with his be-spoke 12-Week Transformation Program.

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18 York Way, Kings Cross, London N1 9AA


Xenios specialises in Actors/Actresses that are preparing to lose weight and gain muscle at the shortest period of time for special movie roles. Cutting-edge training and diet methods will be used to achieve your best possible look at the given deadline.

Top Models & Artists

Xenios specialises in top models and artists that are preparing for fashion shows, photoshoots and concerts. Event deadlines are highly taken into consideration and advanced methods will be used to achieve your fitness goals.

High Status People

Premium personal training is offered to high status people with busy and stressful schedules. Your precious time is important and more effective training / diet methods will be used to achieve your goals.

Benefits Of Personal Training

Personal training is the real investment for health and wealth being. It ascertains your goals, reshape your body, tighten muscles and keep your body firm. It also leads to a much-improved quality of life. Here are some of  the benefits you will gain through my one to one training service.

Build Confidence

I can improve your body looks, feels, and daily body operation. It will help you build confidence and attain your desired goals. Human beings are capable of greatness and engaging in one to one training will help you develop positivity, encouragement and understanding.

Health, Nutrition and Fitness

There is an overwhelming amount of fresh new perspective, fitness, nutrition and health information available. You will stay on top of health trends and continue your health education and I will provide you the safest and most accurate information in the fitness industry. I will give you information, knowledge through my 8 years experience, tips and tricks on how to develop a healthier lifestyle. I will take care for your health and well-being that will be accountable for your overall health status, physically and nutritionally.

Workouts That Fit Your Individual Needs

Anyone can follow the workouts with women’s health, men’s health, shape, men’s fitness or any other magazine. There are cookie cutters programs that do not take into account difference between individuals that make them unique. Before our sessions I will provide you a personalised training plan based on your specific goals, time devoted to exercise, social support, and your current mental state. I will be able to achieve your desires using less time since there are no restrictions.


Time is the most valuable and significant factor. I am assured of getting results that are more effective and efficient have to spend less time as well. Hiring me as your trainer I will ensure that I make the most of the exercise timely and most of the workout routines will be designed to bring you results at the shortest possible time.

Motivation and Accountability

I can hold on your responsibility, develop your personal goals in a realistic way and design an achievable plan to attain your desired goals. Believing in yourself even at the lowest or at your weakest point is the secret to success. I will motivate and help you to hold accountability despite your personal feelings.

Proper Technique and Form

Watching youtube videos and reading fitness magazines will not help as much than having one to one training which provides you with the immediate feedback on the proper technique and form. I will pay attention to your mind, body and help you achieve your desired goals more quickly. One to One training helps much to be keen, improve posture, increase strength and proper muscle development and make a mind-body connection.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Trainer in London

Where are you going to train me?

I am currently located at Urban Kings Gym at  18 York Way, Kings Cross, London N1 9AA.

I am not a public figure, can you still train me?

Yes, I do train all types of people however I mostly work with celebrities.

How often should we train?

I personally recommend you to train with me at least 3 times per week for 3 months and also follow the personalised diets that I will be providing for each month.

Can you give me advice for a diet?

Yes, our first session will be an initial consultation and I will provide to you a personalised diet plan based on your body and goals.

I don’t live in London, can you still train me?

Yes, I also I do one to one personal training in Portsmouth and for special requests I can fly to your country and train you.

Payment Information

Do I require a monthly membership in order to train with you at Urban Kings Gym?

Good news! You don’t require a monthly membership for the gym. You just need to pay your booked session or block with me.

How do I book a session with you?

Simply use the contact form on this page to book a consultation session with me.

How do I pay you?

All sessions are prepaid and most of credit and debit cards are accepted including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and Paypal. You can also pay with cash in person.

Do you offer discounts for block bookings?

I will always encourage you to take block bookings not only because you will save a lot of money but most importantly because you will be commitment with the training and your personal goals. I highly recommend you to block book for at least 8 weeks of time.

I can’t afford it! Can you do anything else for me?

I do understand that one to one private sessions are expensive however what you pay is what you get. I recommend you to check out my online personal training service which many of my worldwide clients got amazing results.

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