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Can I Help You Get In Shape?
How To Train With Me And Get My Help From Anywhere In The World
What's up guys! This is Xenios and I have some questions for you:
- Are you someone who wants to get in shape but don't know where to start?

- Are you someone who is struggling to lose fat and gain muscle for a long time?

- Are you someone who is already doing “good” but stuck at a weight loss or muscle gain plateau and want to make a jumpstart to your fitness journey?

- Are you someone who is tired of eating 6 boring meals per day?

- Are you someone who spends endless time on cardio machines hoping to see results in terms of weight loss without getting any results?

- Are you someone that buys every single supplement out there hoping that will help you with results with not getting results?

If you feel that you're struggling for at least one of those examples I mentioned, I got good news and bad news for you. 

The good news is that I've been through these stages and there's a way out. You can recover and you can rise up. 

The bad news... be careful of getting too far behind, careful of procrastinating and letting yourself stay into those struggles because sometimes the change of habit it is too weak to be felt or too strong to be broken. 

Many people procrastinate, they don't know how to motivate themselves, not really pushing their self to the maximum potential. 

I saw this on many of my friends. Somebody who said "Ohh tomorrow I will learn to do this, Ohh tomorrow I am going to sign up to the gym" or the usual..."I will start dieting from Monday".. they never start anything.

Pay attention today, life is always about crossroads. Today, would be a crossroad and you will look back at some point in your life and say, "enough staying the same", "the time to make the change is today."
Why do you struggle getting in shape?
Because you lack the insight on what it takes to build an amazing body with the right information and guidance.
Reason #1 = Fitness Myths
Here are the 10 most common myths I hear every day... 
  • A workout can “Burn off” fast food.
  •  Doing more ab exercises will get you a six pack abs!
  •  Doing high repetitions and using low weights will get you “Toned”.
  •  I'm a girl! If I lift heavy weights I will get big and bulky muscles, and I will look like a bodybuilder!
  •  Frequent small meals are crucial to boost metabolism!
  •  I am too old! Weights is not for me...
  •  Muscle turns into fat when you stop going to the gym.
  •  I am heavy! Does this mean I am fat?
  •  Carbohydrates before going to bed make you fat.
  •  Our body can only consume 30g protein in one sitting!
All of the above are Myths And Wrong Claims...
Reason #2 = You're Not Following A Personalised Program
One of the biggest mistakes that most people do is following the program of their fitness idol or follow a free program found from the internet because a famous bodybuilder is following it. Don't get me wrong... I used to do those mistakes too. However, every mistake comes with a price. If I was following a personalised programme designed to my body and goal from the beginning, it would have saved me at least 5 years from getting my dream physique.
Free Program From The Internet
  • It is not designed based on your body and goal.
  •  It doesn't take in consideration your level of experience.
  •  It doesn't take in consideration any injuries that you might have.
  •  It doesn't focus on your weak body parts.
  •  It doesn't include the foods that you want.
  •  It's not designed based on the latest fitness researchers.
  •  It doesn't give you support and right guidance.
So what's my best advice from programs found on the internet?
It's simple..

The 12-Week Transformation Program is going to help you AVOID THESE MISTAKES and guide you to the right path of building your dream body.
But first let's go back in time and look at my life before my body transformation...

You know,

It wasn't always easy for me. In fact 9 years ago I was addicted to video games. I used to dedicated 10 to 12 hours per day playing call of duty and that led me to not eat enough food, no exercise, not taking showers and not being social. I ended up at weighing 47kg with acne, being weak, unhealthy and unconfident.

When I was in high school, I didn't have many friends, I was bullied and other students used to make fun of me because I had acne.

Dedicating so many hours on video games made me forget completely about school and exams. During one of my final year school exams I was absent. The principle called my father to find out why I was absent while my father had no idea about my exams. My father came home very angry to search for me, he found me as usual playing video games and destroyed my playstation in pieces.

That set an end to my video games life...

But the real question is...

How did I started going to the gym?

A rejection from a girl was the main reason...

I know it sounds crazy but I know many of you guys and girls probably have a similar story.

During high school I had a crush on one very beautiful girl. I still don't remember how I managed to approach her but all I know is that I somehow I closed her number and started texting her for a few days.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned and expected...

She suddenly stopped texting and talking to me. I don't know what I did wrong but I can't blame her. I wasn't the most experienced guy with girls, neither I was considering myself good enough for her.

Nevertheless... 2 weeks after, I saw her being with another bigger guy... 

I was shocked but not surprised... 

Seeing my crush being with another bigger guy gave me 2 options...

Either cry like a baby, let depression take over my life...

Or take this rejection as the opportunity to become the best version of myself and become stronger mentally and physically. 

When I started going to the gym I didn't have any guidance.

I remember I used to train biceps and forearms 3x times per week until one of my friends at the gym told me that I needed to also workout my chest, back, shoulders, triceps and legs. 

I literally had no idea of what I was doing until I started making my own research using the internet. I found a 5x day split that I managed to follow a few months but the results wasn't what I was expecting. 

I didn't know what I was doing wrong...

Was it my form? Was it my technique? Was it the weight that I used to do? I literally had no idea until I read that I nutrition is equally important as training

I started making my own research once again about nutrition because I remember I was trying to eat as much more food as possible... In fact I ended up skinny fat because I didn't know how to implement the diet and training the right way. 

After Doing This For 10+ Years... 

After 10 years of trial and error with nutrition and training I've built a respectable physique and I managed to learn:
  • How to eat the foods I like and still lose fat - (burger, pizza, ice-cream)
  •  How to maintain a lean muscular physique all year round with minimum effort.
  •  How to build muscle and lose fat WITHOUT supplements.
  •  How to eat ONLY 2 meals per day and still gain muscle.
  •  How to train 3x per week and still see results fast.

I Discovered This 
The HARD Way... 
  • I used to prepare 6-8 meals a day and spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
  •  I used to train 2-3 hours per day which wasted a lot of time and energy during my day.
  •  I couldn’t party or socialise with my friends due to fitness commitments (I LOST ALL MY FRIENDS 😞) 
  •  I broke up with my girlfriend because I couldn’t find time for her due to training and eating...😕
But why I went through the hard way?
It all has to do with 1 simple thing: 
As you are here, right now reading this, you are probably thinking what went wrong?

It took me years to realise that my biggest mistake was that I wasn't following a plan that is customised to my body and goal...
A program that is designed based on my body and goal with the foods that I want and the experience I had.
So I made my research, I've learned the main principles of nutrition and training, created my own strategy and execute the plan. It took me 10+ years to learn all these things after tons of mistakes and now I am able to provide you the shortcut... so you won't repeat the same mistakes...
Is It Worth  To Invest In A Personal Trainer?
Myself and my very good buddy RSDMax shoot a video which we talked about the importance of investing, taking action and not giving up. Every successful person I know understand about "Investing" and knows how important is hire someone who is where you want to me. This will help you to take the shortcut and get the results you want without making mistakes. I always say to everyone:
  •  If you want to get in shape: Hire a personal trainer.
  • If you want to build a million dollar business: Hire someone who has already built a million dollar business.
  • If you're not good with girls or guys: Hire a dating coach.

Introducing The
THE #1 PROGRAM to Transform Your Body 
and Change Your Life
Abbas says...
"Xenios Charalambous is the best online personal trainer I ever had, I have been working with him since October 2016 and within a short period of time we managed to achieve big changes after following his advice's and instructions." - Abbas
Martin says...
"Xenios is by far the best online trainer I have ever worked with. I've been following Xenios for youtube for a long time and got many advices from there. Everything changed for me since I joined his 12-Week Transformation Program. His approach is very professional and his methods are very unique. I have learned so much during the period I was working with Xenios and I managed to achieve my goal. Thank you!" - Martin
Pez says...
"I've learned a lot from with you because obviously I've been in a good three months with you and I am training three times per week hard. I couldn't have done it without you because you push me to that hard and I needed that. Those extra couple of reps when I was shaking. I needed that! It was synergistic and if you weren't there to push me that hard I wouldn't be able to do that. Definitely I wouldn't be able to do this without your help." -Pez
Conor says...
"Before joining Xenios program I used to struggle with self-confidence and motivation. I wasn't happy with my appearance and wasn't happy with my personal life until I discovered Xenios. His program has helped me to lose over 20 pounds of fat and helped me discover who I am as a person. His guidance with nutrition and training was truly professional, giving me step by step instructions on what to eat and how to train. Thank you Xenios for all your help man!" - Conor
Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.
Regardless of your level of experience.

You might know what to do, you might have watched all my videos, you might know a bit the basics BUT yet when you see your self in the mirror you’re still looking around and you’re wondering where are the results...
The 12-Week Transformation Program is for YOU if...
  • You're  struggling to lose fat and gain muscle for a long time...
  •  Already doing “good” but stuck at a weight loss OR muscle gain plateau and want to jumpstart new growth...
  •  You're tired of eating 6 boring meals per day and you want to enjoy amazing delicious food and see amazing results...
  •  You probably think that spending endless time on cardio machines will help you with fat loss.. (WRONG)
  •  You're one of those people who buy every single supplement out there hoping that will help you with results but never see results... (WRONG)
You “think” or “feel” that you know everything - but in reality you were never able to apply what you know in the right order so you can start seeing some good results.

You KNOW the principles, you’ve watched all my videos, you know some strategies - but you still can’t see results.

You used to train when you were younger but you suddenly lost motivation and want to get back into fitness without knowing how to start.
If you’re a Beginner, the 12-Week Transformation Program will…
  • Teach you the right foods to eat, the right exercises to perform, the main principles of nutrition and fundamentals training.
  •  Show you how to perform the exercises with step by step instructional videos.
  • Be your personal guidance to your fitness success with 24/7 support from a fitness expert.
If you’re Intermediate, the 12-Week Transformation Program will…
  • Teach you how to eat any food that you want and still lose fat and gain muscle. You will learn in depth theories about the importance of calories and it's role when it comes to gaining or losing weight. 
  •  Teach you how to structure your workout program in order to maximize your results in terms of strength and muscle mass.
  • Show you how you can build an amazing physique WITHOUT using any protein powders! Supplement is not the magic solution if you lack to understand the nutrition pyramid.
If you’re Advanced, the 12-Week Transformation Program will…
  • Teach you how to stay lean all year round with advanced nutrition methods.
  •  Teach you how to structure your workout program in a way that you can train for 27 minutes per day and maintain your physique.
  • Implement advanced nutrition and training strategies like progressive overload, water loading, carbohydrates loading and cycle, depletion, advanced supplementation and many more...
Before I show you EXACTLY what is inside the 12-Week Transformation Program, let’s take a moment and look at YOUR LIFE...
 Poor Diet Diet Plan
Customised Diet Plan Based On You And Your Goal
Bro-Split Training Programme
Customised Progressive Training Programming
Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle is DIFFICULT
Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle is EFFORTLESS
Spend Endless Amount Of Money On Supplements With No Results
Spend ZERO Amount Of Money On Supplements WITH Getting Results
Reach Weight Loss Plateau
Overcome Weight Loss Plateau
Reach Muscle Gain Plateau
Overcome Muscle Gain Plateau
Eat Chicken/Rice/Broccoli WITHOUT getting results
Eat Whatever You Want WITH Getting Results
Poor Exercise Technique 
Learn The Correct Exercise Technique With Instructional Videos
Spend Endless Hours On Cardio WITHOUT getting results
Spend Minimum To None Time On Cardio WITH Getting Results
Confused and Overwhelmed with All of the Content Out There
Easily Connect The Dots Between Knowledge, Strategy, and Execution
You are Confused, Frustrated, and Unmotivated
You Are Inspired, Empowered and Motivated
Going To The Gym Is BORING
Going To The Gym Is Interesting and Challenging
Learning About Fitness Is Grind
Learning About Fitness Is Effortless
You're Doing Endless Research Online To Find The Shortcut
You Realise That You Have Already Taken The Shortcut
Here is EXACTLY what you will find inside the 12-Week Transformation Program:
Section #1 = Membership Area
  •  Step by step videos to set up your account.
  •  Over 100+ recipes with instructions on how to do them.
  •  All XC Fitness e-Books will be available here.
  •  Private XC Facebook Group.
Section #2 = Main Dashboard Area
  • Your Custom Nutrition Plan.
  •  Your Custom Workout Programme.
  •  Shopping List.
  •  Workout and Nutrition Logs.
  •  Detailed Body Reports and Measurements.
This is what you get when you join the programme today.
Your 12-Week Transformation Program Includes
Customised Meal Plan and Diet Designed According To Your Body And Goal
£197 Value
My clients love the meal plans as it's so easy to follow.
  •  I take out all the guesswork out of getting lean! With meal plans, proven and easy recipes and easy to make homemade protein shakes that build lean muscle and burn fat fast.
  •  Every month you have your meal plans + recipes adjusted if required in order for you to avoid plateau and reach your goals according to the strategy.
  •  Quantities, Calories, Protein, Carbs and Fat are clearly shown in your diet plan in a simple and easy to understand way.
  •  Choose the foods that you want to see in the diet plan, how many meals you want to eat per day and what foods you don't like.
  •  Everything is designed in very effective way to get in shape and still enjoy a social life.
Customised Workout Program That Fits In With Your Busy Life
£197 Value
Follow the customised workout program designed to transform your body quickly, and avoid the time-wasting myths.
  • Designed according to your level, either you're a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
  •  You will choose how many times you want to train per week in order to design something that fits your busy schedule.
  •  Walk into every workout having full confidence in what you need to do by having the program, exercise library and support.
  •  Step by Step Instructional Videos to guide you how to do each exercise with the perfect form.
  • STOP wasting hours in the gym, when you can be using these workouts that are made for fast-effective results.
Private Group Coaching and Support
£197 Value
Join The 12-Week Transformation Program by Xenios Charalambous To Personally Help You.
  •  Ask questions anytime you want and get the experts at #TeamXC to help you get answers to your specific questions, with 24/7 access support.
  •  Fine tune your personal plan having the personalized guidance and support you can't get anywhere else.
  •  PLUS... get access to all coaching sessions, and previous sessions to have the motivation and knowledge.
  •  IMPORTANTLY: Have the support from all in the private Facebook group, because we all have tough days, we all binge and get guilty, we all fall off the plan... Social support is the missing piece that makes it all possible.
Nutritional + Supplement Guidance To Save Money and Deliver Results
£67 Value
Save yourself tons of money and use only the proven and reliable nutritional supplements + stacks to enhance your results.
  • I know how daunting it can be for you walking into a sports supplement store and not knowing what to take and what to trust. This is why I show you what's proven to work!
  •  My clients save a lot of money and start feeling and seeing the positive changes once they start using my successful methods and protocols.
  •  Homemade protein shakes and mass gainers to save you money from buying useless supplement that you might not need.
Home + Travel Workout Guide (no gym required)
£67 Value
If you're travelling and you're worrying that you won't be able to cover your workouts then don't worry! I got you covered.
  • If you're travelling I will design a customised workout programme that doesn't require any equipement so you can do it while you're travelling.
  •  The instructional videos will guide you step by step how to do each exercise with the right form.
  •  Efficient based workouts programme which requires 15-20 minutes of your day to keep you in shape while you're travelling.
  •  Food guidance in case you have limited availability on food choices during travelling.
Stay Motivated With Xenios App Progress Tracker
£67 Value
Get access to my clients only mobile application to see your diet, workout programme and track your progress. The progress tracker report helps you to see each week you getting closer to your goal. This is a part of how I set you up for long-term success.
  • You need to see results, and this is why I developed a section in my app in able for you to track your progress and give you the advantage each week.
  •  Easily and quickly track your progress and see the real changes happening with your body. Stay motivated by knowing what you're doing each week is right for you.
  •  Track the weights you lift for each workout, minutes spend in the gym, steps and walked and many more using the advanced built-in reports in my mobile application.
PLUS... My MEGA BONUS Transformation Start-Up Package
Limited-Time FREE Availability
Grocery Guide + Recipes For Great Tasting Meals Everyday
Save yourself time with my top tips for grocery shopping and recipes that will make your fitness journey enjoyable.
  • Built-in shopping list in the XC mobile application available only for clients that will is created automatically based on your customised nutrition plan.
  •  Over 50+ Recipes in the membership only area where will make your customised meal plan hustle-free to cook. 
£67 Value
Eat Your Favourite Foods and Cheat On Your Diet To Lose Weight Faster
The best part of the customised nutrition plan is the desserts, chocolates and sweets.
  • All my nutrition plans based on client request include sweets, chocolates and desserts that will help you to lose fat.
  •  Forget about boring meals like chicken/broccoli/rice every single day. Those are old school methods that work but are not enjoyable. With the flexible diet methods you can eat the foods you want and still achieve your fitness goal.
  •  Cheat meals or "re-feed" days are included in all customised nutrition plans that will allow you to eat pizza, burger or anything that you want at least once a week.
£67 Value
Nutrition and Workout Logs To Jump Start Your Transformation Journey
One of the most important features of the mobile application is the ability to log your workouts and nutrition.
  • Log your workouts using the XC mobile application which this will help you to remember what weight you used on each exercise on every week that you log in order to apply the methods that I will be teaching to you during the program correctly.
  •  Log your nutrition with the XC mobile application which will help you to remember what foods you eat, how many calories and macros left to be completed.
  •  Get feedback from your workout and nutrition when you log both of them correctly using the app.
£67 Value
Ab Training + Cardio Afterburner Training
When you have limited time, you need every rep to count... That's why we designed these workouts for you.
  • You having a flat stomach, lean and in the shape you want means the training has to suit your body type and lifestyle. This is where we combine the workout methods with your month-to-month plan.
  • Most "ab training" doesn't have you actually building a strong core and being able to flatten your stomach. These workouts will not only have you re-shaping, but feeling stronger as well.
  •  The extreme ab workouts are updated monthly to provide you effective results.
£67 Value
Smoothie and Shake Guidance For Quick, Nutritious Meals
Forget about protein shakes. The homemade protein shakes with natural food will give you better results.
  • Homemade protein shake and mass gainers recipes can be included in your nutrition plan if you don't want any protein shakes in your diet.
  • Homemade protein shakes are easy to make and more tasty that than supplement protein shakes.
  •  Save yourself a lot of money by using this tasty homemade and smoothie protein shakes.
£67 Value
My Fitness e-Books are included too!
That's a total value of over £1100 you're getting access to from today.

Don't worry, you're getting it all for peanuts and with ZERO-RISK.

Not Sure If Is For You? No Worries.
I want to make this a no-brainer for you to join now.
You Get My 90-Day 100% Action Based 
The entire 12-Week Transformation Program is backed by my full 90-day action based money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied by your results within 90-days, simply email my customer support to receive a full refund. This applies only to people that completed successfully the 90-days and logged their nutrition and training every single day and didn't get the results they want.  

I am 100% sure this is going to work for you and I am happy to make this a no-risk decision for you to join now.
Ready To Start Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life?
Start Your Transformation Now For Only £47 p/m
For a very limited time you can join the 12-Week Transformation Program for only £47 per month.

Yes, that's only £1.56 a day to have all the meal plans, workouts, coaching, guides and access to transform your body and health starting from today.
I am so confident that this is going to work for you and I want you to 
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