Xenios Charalambous, Celebrity Trainer

We are misled by supplement companies, sponsored athletes and bodybuilders that in order to build muscle and lose fat, we require supplements. This is false, and I am claiming that supplements are not essential to build a healthy lean body. Disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with supplements, I just don’t like the way they are advertised. Anyone who wants to build muscle and lose fat should read my e-book and learn about the main principles of nutrition and training.
The secrets of muscle building and fat loss
  •  How to find out your calories
  •  Why most diets doesn't work
  •  How to build muscle and lose fat
  •  How to remove stubborn fat
  •  The top macronutrient food sources
  •  Major rules for training
  •  How to modify your training programme
  •  How to warm-up before workouts
  •  How to track your progress
  •  BONUS: 2 Free training programmes
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