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Xenios Charalambous

Celebrity Personal Trainer
Body Transformation Coach
My "Beginner's Fitness Guide" and Online Training Will Show You How To
  • Flexible Dieting - How to eat any food that you want and still lose fat and gain muscle. 
  • Cheat Meals Formula - How to eat pizza, burger, ice-cream or even alcohol and still maintain your physique.
  • The Magic Formula Of 2 Meals Per Day - Forget about the boring 6 meals a day that bodybuilders have taught us. I will show you how 2 or 3 big tasty meals per day are enough to get the results you want.
  • Workout Structure Guidance - How to know which workout program is good for you in order to maximize your strength and muscle gain results.
  • The 27 Minutes Per Day Training Formula - How to train for 27 minutes per day and still achieve your fitness goals. I know it sounds unreal but during the webinar I am going to explain exactly how the 27 minutes formula works. This is perfect if you don't have time to train.
  • The 3 Days Per Week Workout Program - If you're super busy with your work and don't have time to go every day to the gym, I will explain exactly how only 3 times per week training are enough for you to get the body that you want.
  • No Wasted Money On Protein Powders Secrets - How you can build an amazing physique WITHOUT using any protein powders. I will show you my secret homemade protein recipes that helped over 1 million people around the world! This will save you a lot of money!
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