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“I always find time for everything. A day has 24 hours. In 24 hours, you can do a lot!”

Xenios Charalambous

Born in Cyprus in 1993 and reassembled in the United Kingdom in 2013, Xenios Charalambous is a professional athlete and fitness influencer. He appeared in multiple fitness magazines, advertising campaigns and TV shows. Xenios has been watched by more than 5 million people on youtube and represents the leading supplement brand in Europe, Sci-Mx Nutrition.

Born in Cyprus on 18th of December 1993, Xenios Charalambous used to play competitive call of duty and dedicate 15 hours a day on video games. His first ever sport was at the age 8 where he did Olympic gymnastics. Xenios played all types of typical sports including football and basketball but due to his father being a national sprinter champion back in the 80s, he decided to switch to athletics 100m sprint where he competed at a national competition and took the 3rd place. Except his passion for sports activities, Xenios is also a musician and plays the guitar since he was 5 years old.

Between 2011-2013 at the age of the 17, Xenios undertook the national military service as part of the Special Forces (commando) known as “Green Berets”. During this time, he was able to develop a range of practical and interpersonal skills. Xenios was appointed to the position of explosive ordnance & planner disposal specialist.

Xenios started bodybuilding on 2008 at the age of 16 as a 47kg confused teenager. At the first year of lifting, he didn’t know where to start until he did his research via the internet and books on nutrition principles and training. In 5 years of time, he managed to gain 25kg of quality lean muscle and transform his body to the next level naturally. Seeing his body change day after day he was always logging his progress by taking videos and photos to compare his body changes each month. While he was in class, last year of high school, Xenios used to write diet and training programs for himself during the lessons because units were boring.

During the second year of his special forces service, one of his friends took his phone and watched his posing/talking videos he was recording during his lifting journey. Xenios never published those videos anywhere until he told by one his friend that he should. After the pressure, he received from his friend he decided to publish his videos on youtube. After a month, his videos were watched 10,000 times, and he decided to start his personal Facebook Page. During those times, he received bullying and psychological warfare from “”friends”” & captains of the army. A moment Xenios will never forget is when someone said to him “Who do you think you’re, and you are creating a Facebook page and acting like an idiot on youtube? Facebook pages are made for celebrities only”. Everybody was making fun of him because he was doing what he love… “I am thankful to be where I am today having faith and passion for what I do”. “Remember, people who try to bring you down are already below you”. – Xenios Charalambous

Xenios professional fitness career started on June 2014. Being a loyal customer since 2011 for Sci-Mx Nutrition he got their attention and kept contact with the marketing team. Xenios didn’t know anything about how sponsorships work and the benefits of it until they offered him an agreement to sign as a brand ambassador and sponsored athlete. Sci-Mx Nutrition is a supplement company Xenios believes in and feels comfortable to advertise.

On November 2014, Xenios made his debut at Miami Pro Universe competing against 48 other fitness models worldwide and took the 6th place. After the competition, he was very disappointed with his bad placing and decided to make critical changes and work even harder. That was the time Christos Mavros Photography wanted to make a professional photo shoot with Xenios. After the photo shoot with Christos Mavros, Xenios uploaded the photos to his personal Facebook Page, and his followers exploded from 10,000 to 50,000 in 2 months of time. His second professional photo shoot was with the celebrity photographer Golden, also known as FuriousFotog. Since his social media announcements shooting with FuriousFotog, his social media followers exploded again. As of today, more than 100,000 people are following Xenios on Facebook.

Apart from being one of the top fitness influencers in the world, Xenios on 2013 reassembled in the United Kingdom to study Network Engineering at the University of Portsmouth. Currently, he is a student and owner of two businesses, XC Fitness (CEO) and SoftwareCy (Co-Founder/Partner). XC Fitness or xeniosfitness.com is a company based in the United Kingdom owned by Xenios Charalambous. XC Fitness started in February 2015 and had one primary goal, to change people’s way of living. Xenios started XC Fitness by offering online personal training to anybody that wants make a difference in their lives. He designs personalised diet plans and workout programs and also developed a diet plan tool software called XC Nutrition Planner which is currently available only for XC clients. Xenios purpose is to satisfy, transform and become good friends with any client that decides to sign up for his online personal training service.

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